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Solvent Remover Cleaner Degreaser

Adhesive remover, sealant remover, solvent cleaner & degreaser

Adhesive & Sealant remover

Adisolve is a great adhesive remover, sealant remover, degreaser spray & solvent cleaner in 1 product. It is non aggressive, yet very effective. It will also help removal of sticky labels from glass and other items.

Adisolve safely removes and cleans: oil, grease, tar, chewing gum, stickers, wax, bitumen tar, solvent based sealants, solvent based adhesives & many other applications.

Adisolve is also safe enough for use on certain clothing to remove sticky residue. If using Adisolve on clothing to remove any sticky residue, we recommend you test it in a small non visible area first.

Remove dried tar. Safely dissolves dried tar to remove.
Removing dried tar, before and after.

As can be seen in the image above, Adisolve can safely removed dried tar.

Using Adisolve to remove dried tar.

Video of Adisolve removing dried tar.


Adhesive remover, sealant remover, degreaser & solvent cleaner. Image of Adisolve can 500ml.

Removal of sticky labels

Adisolve is great at removal of sticky labels. To remove sticky labels, simply spray Adisolve onto the label and allow it to soak into the label. Adisolve will deactivate the adhesive making it much easier to remove the sticky label. Adisolve will also remove any tape residue left over after removing sticky tape.

Removing sticky label from glass by deactivating the sticky label adhesive first.

Tip – Scoring the label first before spraying Adisolve will allow it to penetrate the adhesive, allowing greater chance of success.

Adisolve is also great to remove glue from glass.

Using Adisolve to tool the joint

Adisolve is also great when it’s used with Adiseal adhesive & sealant. It can be used to help tool the joint & also help clean any excess uncured Adiseal.

When using Adisolve to tool the joint, spray it on the sealant lightly. If using Adisolve to remove any excess uncured Adiseal, spray a bit more on then use a cloth to wipe away the excess.

Cured Adiseal has to be removed mechanically using a sharp item. If you can’t get access behind the item then try to use a sharp clay cutting wire to remove it.

Solvent Cleaner

The maximum strength of any adhesive or sealant will only be as strong as the weakest surface it is being applied to. If the products are being applied to a dusty surface then it will only be as strong as the dust that is stuck to that surface. When applying an adhesive, sealant or paint to anything, it is vital that you have clean surface before applying the product. Having a clean surface will result in a much stronger bond or seal, which should also last a lot longer. Even when using our record breaking strongest adhesive & sealant, making sure the surfaces are clean will give you the best results.

Degreaser spray

Adisolve is available in 500ml aerosol spray cans. It comes with a handy straw to allow you apply into hard to reach places. Adisolve can be used to degrease many different items safely & effectively.

Degreaser for bike chain

Adisolve is great for degreasing bike chains. It will quickly remove the grease from the bike chain to make it clean to apply new grease on.

Degreasing bike chain

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best adhesive remover?

Adisolve is the best product for removing solvent based adhesives. It is very effective yet non aggressive. Simply spray Adisolve onto the adhesive and allow it to soak into the adhesive. Adisolve will deactivate the adhesive making it easier to remove.

How do you remove sticky labels?

1. Score the label with a sharp knife.

2. Spray Adisolve onto the label.

3. Allow it to soak into the adhesive.

4. Once the adhesive has started to deactivate, peel the label away.

5. Extra Adisolve may need to be sprayed, where it’s not penetrated into the adhesive.

What is the best sealant remover?

The best sealant remover is Adisolve for removing solvent based sealants. Simply spray it onto the sealant and allow Adisolve to soak into the sealant. Adisolve will soften the sealant to make it easier to remove.

Will Adisolve remove Adiseal adhesive and sealant?

Once Adiseal has cured, the only way to remove it is mechanically. Adisolve will help remove any uncured Adiseal.

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