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Repair a Felt Roof

(Last Updated On: 23 September 2021)

Repair a felt roof

If a felt flat roof is leaking, there are several products available to carry out the repair to a leaking felt roof. In this post we will look at how to repair & fix a felt roof using Adiseal sealant & adhesive. We will also look at sticking roofing felt shingles with Adiseal.

Reasons why flat roof is leaking

If a flat roof is leaking, the most probable reason is the felt has either developed a crack or the felt has peeled away from the surface it’s being stuck on. This can happen due to exposure to UV, expansion & contraction due to temperature changes or high winds. Rainwater will work it’s way into these gaps and will come through the ceiling.

Flat roof leak repair with Adiseal

Adiseal sealant & adhesive is a great product to repair a felt roof if it’s leaking. Adiseal will emergency repair the leaking flat roof instantly as well as a provide a strong long lasting seal.

best strongest adhesive sealant

Sealant for roof felt

The reason why Adiseal sealant & adhesive is a great product when used as a roof felt sealant is because Adiseal:

  • Works in dry, wet & even underwater
  • Seals instantly
  • Provides a permanent seal
  • Stays permanently flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Cold applied
  • Resists mould growth
  • Solvent free
  • Strongest adhesive

Works in dry, wet & even underwater

As Adiseal works in dry, wet & even underwater, it is possible to carry out an emergency repair on a leaking flat roof even if it’s raining outside.

Seals instantly

As Adiseal seals instantly, it is possible to check whether the flat roof leak repair has been carried out successfully. Once the repair has been carried out, pour some water on the roof to see instantly if it’s fixed.

This video can be also be seen on the YouTube website.

Provides a permanent seal

When using Adiseal to carry out a flat roof leak repair, Adiseal will also provide a permanent fix as well as an emergency repair. If done correctly, the seal will last for years.

Permanently flexible

Adiseal stays permanently flexible meaning it will not become brittle. With temperature changes, items expand & contract. With this expansion & contraction, products that are not flexible become brittle and will crack or break causing water to leak through it. This is not a problem with Adiseal sealant & adhesive as is stays flexible.

UV resistant

If the product is not UV resistant, there is a high chance it will fail very quickly. A roof is one of the main areas of a property where it will receive high UV radiation from the sun.

Cold applied

The traditional way to repair a leak on a flat felt roof is to use a blowtorch. This is a fire risk & not everyone will be comfortable with using a blowtorch. Adiseal can be cold applied directly from the cartridge without the need to use a blowtorch.

Solvent free

As Adiseal roof felt sealant & adhesive is solvent free, it does not shrink once applied. This is a common problem with other products. For these other products to cure, the solvent have to evaporate away, causing the product to shrink and come away from the surface it has been applied to. Cheaper products tend to have more solvents leaving a weaker bond than Adiseal.

Another problem with solvent based adhesive & sealants is that the solvents will attack sensitive materials like polystyrene which is a common insulation material in building roofs, walls & other places.

Strongest Adhesive

As well as Adiseal being a great sealant, it also proved to be the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman. In the test Adiseal was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor. Further details of the test are on the Adiseal page.

How to repair a flat roof leak

To fix a felt flat roof leak, first find out where the water is working it’s way through the felt. This will usually be a crack in the felt or where the felt has peeled away from the roof. Pour some water on the felt roof to see how the water runs into the gaps.

repair a felt roof when wet

Once the location of the leak has been found, to get the best results, thoroughly clean that area. Brush away any loose debris. Use Adisolve solvent cleaner to remove any oil, grease, bitumen & other stubborn deposits.

Once the area has been cleaned thoroughly, apply the Adiseal sealant & adhesive into the crack or gap.

Tip: If using Adiseal to seal a crack in the felt, start by applying Adiseal at the point where the crack is nearest to you and move away to the other end on the crack. This will push Adiseal into the crack creating a much better seal.

Once Adiseal has been pushed into the crack, apply extra Adiseal on top & use a smooth flat surface to flatten the sealant. To remove any excess Adiseal, use a thick cloth. Adisolve solvent cleaner can also be used to help remove any excess Adiseal.

As Adiseal seals straight away, it is possible to test if the felt flat roof leak has been repaired immediately by pouring water around that area. Adiseal sealant & adhesive will take 24 to 48 hours to fully cure.

Adiseal is a muti-purpose product & will also fix a leaking gutter.

Adhesive for felt roof

As well as Adiseal being a great sealant for roof felt, it is also a great adhesive for roofing felt.

adhesive for flat roof felt

Adiseal adhesive & sealant is ideal when used as an adhesive for roof felt shingles, felt lap as well as sticking larger felt sheets. The advantage of Adiseal over other adhesives is it will also provide a strong waterproof seal as well as sticking the roofing felt.

How to stick roof felt shingles & felt lap

To stick roof felt shingles make sure the surface where the adhesive will be applied is thoroughly cleaned. Use a brush to remove any loose debris. Adisolve solvent cleaner is the ideal product to clean & remove oil, grease, tar, bitumen & many other stubborn deposits.

Adiseal can be cold applied. Simply apply Adiseal adhesive & sealant to one surface & press down the roof felt shingle. Adiseal can take 24 to 48 hours to fully cure but seals instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will Adiseal stop a leak on a felt roof?

If applied correctly, Adiseal will repair the leak instantly on a leaking felt roof. It can take Adiseal 24 to 48 hours to fully cure but the seal is immediate.

Can Adiseal stick a felt sheet that has peeled off from the roof?

Yes, Adiseal will stick a felt sheet that has peeled off. It will provide a very strong long lasting bond u0026 will also seal at the same time.

Will Adiseal stick roofing felt to lead?

Yes Adiseal will stick roofing felt to lead. Make sure the surfaces are thoroughly clean to get the best result.

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