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Waterproof Adhesive

Waterproof Adhesive Glue: Water Resistant Construction Bonding

Adiseal waterproof adhesive glue provides a 100% water resistant bond in dry, damp, wet or even underwater. It is suitable for internal and external construction bonding due to its weatherproof properties. It is able to with withstand harsh weather conditions, providing a water-resistant, high-strength, durable and flexible construction bond. Adiseal waterproof adhesive has been shown to be the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test. It is an adhesive for wet surfaces as well as dry surfaces.

Best waterproof adhesive sealant in test

Adiseal Waterproof Adhesive

Most adhesives require dry conditions for the adhesive to work. Adiseal high-performance construction waterproof adhesive bonds in dry, damp, wet surfaces and even underwater. It grabs items whether the surface is wet or dry. As Adiseal can cure underwater, it is perfect for marine and water-related projects. Adiseal can securely bond materials together in dry or wet conditions.

Strongest waterproof construction adhesive in testing

What is the strongest waterproof adhesive?

In a independent test by Ultimate Handyman to determine the strongest adhesive, Adiseal was clearly the strongest construction adhesive, outperforming its competitors by a substantial margin.

The test involved applying each adhesive between wood and metal surfaces and subjecting them to pressure using a hydraulic ram to measure the breaking point of each bond. Adiseal demonstrated exceptional strength, being more than three times stronger than the next best product.

The immense power of Adiseal was evident as the test rig’s screws began to tear out, and even the hydraulic ram seal gave way, leading to the test’s early termination. Adiseal was proved as the strongest adhesive by far.

Test results

In the assessment of bond strength between hardwood and metal, Adiseal exhibited an astounding resistance to pressure, withstanding over 3123+ psi. In contrast, all other grab adhesives faltered at 1115 psi or lower. The chart below shows Adiseal as an incredibly strong grab adhesive, boasting unparalleled strength in its performance.

strongest adhesive strength test results chart

Strongest adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman

ProductMax pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Adiseal3123 + psi
SupaBond1115 psi
Tec 71016 psi
HB42942 psi
Loctite PL Premium873 psi
Gorilla Grab Adhesive862 psi
Bond It PU18582 psi
Bond It Save Nails411 psi
Strongest adhesive strength test results table.

“That is actually unbelievable!”

Ultimate Handyman


Testimonials & some comments on the: Grab adhesive tests 2017, video on YouTube

  • That Adiseal is phenomenal!
  • That Adiseal is some stuff though, definitely need to get some of that bought!
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  • Need to get my hands on some of that to try out.
  • Looks like a cracking product.
  • Having used the two most expensive brands on numerous occasions, I’ll be trying out the others, especially the Adiseal.
  • Adiseal certainly surprised me in this test!
  • Fantastic tests. It’s unbelievable that Adiseal test with the hardwood.

Mould resistance

Where a waterproof adhesive is exposed to water, there is a chance of mould growth on top of the adhesive. Adiseal has high mould resistance. We tested the mould resistance of adhesives by leaving them submerged in water for a few days. As can be seen in the image below, Adiseal remained mould free even after 90 days of continuous submersion in the same water.

anti mould adhesive & mould resistant  glue

Clear waterproof adhesive

Adiseal ultra clear waterproof adhesive is transparent, unlike other clear adhesives that turn out to be cloudy instead. It also maintains its clarity when exposed to water.

Adiseal ultra clear waterproof adhesive compared to clear silicone

Benefits of Adiseal

Benefits of Adiseal waterproof adhesive include:

Materials it can bond

Adiseal waterproof adhesive bonds the following items:

How to Use a Waterproof Adhesive

How to use a waterproof adhesive

  1. Surface Preparation

    Thoroughly clean and dry the surfaces to be bonded. Remove any dust, dirt, grease, or debris that could hinder adhesion. Smooth or roughen the surfaces if needed for better bonding.

  2. Apply the Adhesive

    Apply the adhesive to the material that requires bonding. Covering more surface area with the waterproof adhesive will provide a better bond.

  3. Join the Surfaces

    Carefully align the surfaces to be bonded and press them firmly together. Ensure there is full contact between the adhesive and the materials to achieve a strong bond. Sliding the items slightly before the adhesive cures can help spread the adhesive.

  4. Curing Time

    Allow the adhesive to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This may vary depending on the type of adhesive used. Avoid stressing or moving the bonded materials during the curing process.

  5. Temporary support (not always necessary)

    If the items do not stay in place until the waterproof adhesive cures then use temporary supports to hold them in place.

  6. Clean Excess Adhesive

    Wipe off any excess adhesive that may have squeezed out during bonding. Use a suitable solvent or adhesive remover if necessary.

Tip: To store Adiseal once opened, leave about 1cm worth of product out of the nozzle and store the tube upright in a cool dry place. Adiseal requires moisture for it to cure. The exposed part out of the nozzle will cure creating a cap. To re-use Adiseal, pull the cured part out or cut the nozzle until the uncured part is reached.

adhesive being applied on wet brick surface


Adiseal adhesive and sealant is available in the following colours:

Adiseal can also be manufactured in any RAL colour.

Where to buy

In the UK, to buy waterproof adhesive, please contact us for details of your local stockist.

For other countries, you can buy from www.guglue.com

Frequently asked questions about waterproof adhesive

What is a waterproof adhesive?

A waterproof adhesive is a type of adhesive that is designed to form a strong and durable bond even when exposed to water or moisture. It is commonly used in applications where moisture resistance is essential, such as in outdoor projects, marine environments, and wet areas.

How does a waterproof adhesive work?

Waterproof adhesives typically have special formulations that repel water and resist degradation when exposed to moisture. They create a chemical bond between surfaces, preventing water from penetrating and compromising the bond.

Can waterproof adhesive be used underwater?

Some waterproof adhesives are formulated to cure and adhere even when submerged in water. These underwater adhesives are often used in swimming pool repairs, aquarium assembly, and marine applications.

Can waterproof adhesive be used on all materials?

Not all waterproof adhesives are suitable for all materials. Some adhesives work better on certain surfaces than others. It’s essential to choose an adhesive that is compatible with the materials you are bonding.

Is waterproof glue same as waterproof adhesive?

Yes, “waterproof glue” and “waterproof adhesive” are frequently used interchangeably. They both describe an adhesive or bonding material designed to resist water and maintain its integrity even when exposed to moisture or submerged in water. These adhesives find use in various applications, such as sealing and bonding materials in wet or damp environments, including outdoor projects, marine applications, and plumbing fixtures.

What is the best adhesive for wet surfaces?

Adiseal is a high-performance waterproof adhesive for wet surfaces as well as dry surfaces. It provides a strong, flexible, weatherproof and durable bond on wet surfaces and dry ones.

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