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Roofing Felt Adhesive

Roof Felt Adhesive: Adiseal Bond & Seal on Roof or Shed

Adiseal roof felt adhesive provides a strong durable bond on roofing felt to various building materials including timber, concrete, metal, shed & brick. It is solvent-free and cold applied, making it safer to apply as no gas torch is required. As well as bonding, Adiseal also provides a watertight seal, increasing the waterproof properties of the roof and shed. Adiseal can bond and seal the roof or shed in dry, damp or wet conditions. It can seal instantly making it ideal for emergency repairs as well as permanent long term fix.

Adiseal roofing felt adhesive and sealant.

Adiseal roofing felt adhesive

Adiseal roof felt adhesive combines strong bonding, flexibility, durability, and sealing properties, even in rainy conditions. Adiseal creates a long-lasting, weather-resistant bond, capable of withstanding temperature changes and structural shifts.

What sets Adiseal apart is its versatility and reliability. It adheres easily to various surfaces, including brickwork, masonry, concrete, wood and metal, making it suitable for diverse roofing applications, whether flat, pitched, or vertical. Adiseal ensures a secure, watertight seal for optimal performance.

Moreover, Adiseal excels in preventing water penetration, providing robust protection for your roof or shed, even during heavy rain. This exceptional feature reduces the risk of leaks, safeguarding your structure and valuables from potential damage.

Seal in wet

Adiseal is able to seal a leak on roof felt or shed instantly, even in wet conditions like rain. This makes it ideal for carrying our emergency repairs in the rain. Check out our demonstration of Adiseal sealing a leak underwater.

Video of Adiseal sealing a leak instantly.

Strongest adhesive

In an independent adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman, Adiseal blew away the competition. Nothing came anywhere close to Adiseal. It was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor.

Best adhesive strength test results chart

Best construction adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman

Strongest adhesive test results

ProductMax pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Adiseal3123 + psi
SupaBond1115 psi
Tec 71016 psi
HB42942 psi
Loctite PL Premium873 psi
Gorilla Grab Adhesive862 psi
Bond It PU18582 psi
Bond It Save Nails411 psi
Best construction adhesive test results.


“That is actually unbelievable!”Ultimate Handyman


Testimonials & some comments on the: Grab adhesive tests 2017, video on YouTube

  • That Adiseal is phenomenal!
  • That Adiseal is some stuff though, definitely need to get some of that bought!
  • I instantly went looking for Adiseal!
  • Need to get my hands on some of that to try out.
  • Looks like a cracking product.
  • Having used the two most expensive brands on numerous occasions, I’ll be trying out the others, especially the Adiseal.
  • Adiseal certainly surprised me in this test!
  • Fantastic tests. It’s unbelievable that Adiseal test with the hardwood.

Benefits of Using Adiseal

adhesive for flat roof felt

Adiseal is equally great at other roofing needs like sealing lead and sealing gutters.

How to apply roofing felt adhesive

How to apply roofing felt adhesive

  1. Surface Preparation

    Ensure that the surface where the adhesive will be applied is clean, dry, and free from any debris, dust, or loose materials. Repair any existing damage or cracks on the surface before proceeding.

  2. Application

    Begin by applying a uniform layer of adhesive to the surface, covering the intended area for the roofing felt. Ensure you also coat the edges and corners to secure a strong bond.

  3. Roofing Felt Installation

    Gently position the roofing felt onto the adhesive-coated surface, applying even pressure to ensure a secure attachment. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles to achieve a flat, uniform surface.

  4. Curing Time

    Give the product ample time to cure and bond the roofing felt to the surface, following the manufacturer’s recommended curing time. Avoid any foot traffic or disturbances during this period to ensure a secure bond.

  5. Finishing

    Once the adhesive has cured, trim excess roofing felt with a utility knife or scissors to achieve a neat finish. Inspect the installation for any areas that may require additional adhesive or touch-ups, particularly around edges, corners, and seams.

Tip: To store Adiseal once opened, leave about 1cm worth of product out of the nozzle and store the tube upright in a cool dry place. Adiseal requires moisture for it to cure. The exposed part out of the nozzle will cure creating a cap. To re-use Adiseal, pull the cured part out or cut the nozzle until the uncured part is reached.

Where to buy

To buy roofing felt adhesive in the UK, please contact us for you local stockist.

For other countries that do not have a Adiseal distributor, please visit www.guglue.com

Frequently asked questions about roofing felt adhesive

What surfaces can roofing felt adhesive be used on?

It can be used on various surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal, and asphalt.

How does roofing felt adhesive enhance the bonding of roofing felt?

Roofing felt adhesive has high-strength bonding properties that create a secure and long-lasting bond between the roofing felt and the underlying surface.

Is roofing felt adhesive waterproof?

Yes, it is designed to provide a waterproof seal, preventing water from penetrating through the roof and causing leaks.

Can roofing felt adhesive be applied in wet conditions?

Some products are designed to be applied in damp or wet conditions, providing flexibility and convenience during installation. However, it is important to check the product specifications and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Is it necessary to clean the surface before applying roofing felt adhesive?

Yes, it is important to clean the surface thoroughly before applying roofing felt adhesive. Removing debris, dust, and any contaminants ensures better adhesion and a stronger bond.

What is the best way to glue felt?

Using Adiseal adhesive to glue felt will provide a high-strength, flexible and waterproof bond. It is highly durable and weather resistant providing long term water resistance on roofs.

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