Record Breaking Strongest Adhesive & Sealant

Adiseal adhesive & sealant destroyed the competition in an independent test. It was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor. Even the SCREWS STARTED RIPPING OUT in the test.

Construction Adhesive

(Last Updated On: 24 June 2022)

Best construction adhesive

Many different manufacturers claim to have the best construction adhesive. In reality only one product can be the actual best. The only way to find out which really is the best product is from independent construction adhesive strength tests. Adiseal is a waterproof heavy duty construction adhesive for concrete, wood, metal, plastic, stone & many other materials. It provide a very high strength bond and outperforms others products on the market. This article will also look at how to use construction adhesive and how to remove it as well.


Best construction adhesive sealant. Adiseal is strongest in independent construction adhesive strength test.

Construction adhesive strength test

Ultimate Handyman carried out this independent test to find out which is the best construction adhesive. The results of the test were surprising. Nothing came even close to the best product Adiseal. Watch the test in the video below.

Video of adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman.

To find out which was the strongest adhesive, Ultimate Handyman did several tests. In 1 of the tests he measured at what pressure the adhesive bond between wood to metal broke at. To do this Ultimate Handyman did the following:

  1. Cleaned the metal sheet.
  2. Applied each adhesive to the hardwood.
  3. Firmly pushed the wood down on the metal.
  4. Waited until each adhesive had cured.
  5. Used a hydraulic ram to break each construction adhesive bond.
  6. Measure at what pressure each bond broke at.


The best construction adhesive was Adiseal by far

No other construction adhesive that was tested came anywhere near the best product, Adiseal. It was over 3 times stronger than the next best product. Adiseal was so strong that the test on it was forced to abandoned as the screws holding the metal sheet down started to rip out. The hydraulic ram seal also broke causing hydraulic ram to leak fluid. Adiseal was too strong for even the test rig. 


ProductMax pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Tec 71016
Loctite PL Premium873
Gorilla Grab Adhesive862
Bond It PU18582
Bond It Save Nails411
Best construction adhesive test results.

“That is actually unbelievable!”

Ultimate Handyman



Testimonials & some comments on the: Grab adhesive tests 2017, video on YouTube

  • That Adiseal is phenomenal!
  • That Adiseal is some stuff though, definitely need to get some of that bought!
  • I instantly went looking for Adiseal!
  • Need to get my hands on some of that to try out.
  • Looks like a cracking product.
  • Having used the two most expensive brands on numerous occasions, I’ll be trying out the others, especially the Adiseal.
  • Adiseal certainly surprised me in this test!
  • Fantastic tests. It’s unbelievable that Adiseal test with the hardwood.


Video of construction adhesive strength demonstration on brick.


What about other construction adhesives?

Other construction adhesives were not tested in this video as they had already been tested previously by Ultimate Handyman. In these previous tests, products from Soudal, Everbuild, Geocel & C-Tec CT1 were tested as well as the old formula of Adiseal.


What is the best construction adhesive?

To claim to have the best construction adhesive is very easy but to prove it is another matter. Manufacturers can make very bold claims about their products, like being 360% stronger than competitor products. In reality some of these very bold claims are just manufacturers marketing hype. Is there any independent data to back up these claims?

The real way to find out the best product is not to listen to manufacturers marketing claims but to check independent tests. In the independent test, Adiseal has proven to be the best construction adhesive.

The other way to find out is to test the product yourself. Adiseal are confident to back up the claims. They are willing to provide a free tube to any trades person in the UK so that they can test it themselves. See the offer page for more details on how to get a free tube.


Adiseal strongest again in metal to metal construction adhesive strength test

In another heavy duty construction adhesive strength test between metal to metal, Adiseal was strongest again. In a similar way to the previous test, a hydraulic ram was used to break the adhesive bond. The pressure was then measured at which adhesive bond broke at. Just like the wood to metal adhesive strength test, Adiseal finished top again in the metal to metal adhesive strength test.

Adiseal construction adhesive will successfully stick the following items:




Applications & Benefits

Adiseal heavy duty construction adhesive bonds & seals:

Bonds: Metals, wood, glass, mirrors, concrete, masonry, stone, tiles, polystyrene, roof felt, fibreglass, most plastics & many other items.

Seals: Baths, showers, gutters, drains, sinks, vehicles, boats, felt roofs & many other applications.

Other benefits of Adiseal include:


Details of benefits

Strongest waterproof construction adhesive

Adiseal is also the strongest waterproof construction adhesive. It can be applied on dry, damp, wet surfaces and even underwater. When a product is going to be used in applications where there will be water, it needs to resist mould. To find out just how well Adiseal resists mould growth we carried out several tests. Adiseal performed the best with the strongest mould resistance.

Clear construction adhesive in water

Adiseal Ultra Clear was tested again in a cup of water. It was the best product again at staying clear in water. The other products being tested turned white.

Exterior uses

Adiseal is a waterproof construction adhesive sealant. This makes it the ideal exterior construction adhesive as well as for interior uses.

Tip – When using an exterior construction adhesive, it is better to apply it in thin vertical strips. This allows any water to run down between the exterior construction adhesive instead of building up on top of the waterproof adhesive. In cold temperatures, this water can freeze and expand. This can place additional pressure on the exterior construction adhesive.


Instant Grab

A heavy duty construction adhesive needs to have high instant grab. Adiseal has very high initial grab in the dry or wet. Adiseal Hi-Grab has even higher instant power grab. This saves time as temporary supports should not be required. With other products, temporary supports may need to be used to hold the item in place until the adhesive dries.

Please note the Adiseal colours have a stronger initial grab & bond strength than the Adiseal Ultra Clear. It is recommended to use Adiseal Colours over Adiseal Ultra Clear when being used as an adhesive.


Gap Filling Adhesive

Sometimes surfaces that require bonding are not completely flat. This requires a construction adhesive with high gap fill. Adiseal has high gap fill and it also does not slump. This make it ideal for use in overhead applications as well.


Over Paintable

Adiseal is available in different colours: white, black, grey, brown & ultra clear. It is also possible to paint over cured Adiseal with most paints. Custom coloured Adiseal can also be made by mixing Adiseal Ultra Clear with paint.


Flexible Construction Adhesive

Heavy duty construction adhesives that set hard can produce a brittle bond. This adhesive bond can weaken over time due to vibration, contraction & expansion. This can happen for different reasons including temperature changes and moisture changes in the air.

Adiseal is a flexible construction adhesive. This allows the adhesive bond to remain strong and not become brittle.


Virtually Odourless

Products that contain solvents require good ventilation to be used. A harsh smell is produced from the solvents that need to evaporate away from the product for it to cure. As Adiseal is solvent & isocyanate free, it does not have this problem. It is virtually odourless when it is applied.


Solvent Free

A problem with solvent based products are they can damage sensitive materials like mirror backing & polystyrene. Adiseal is very safe to use on these sensitive materials as it is solvent free.


No Shrinkage or Cracking

Another problem with solvent based product are they have less active ingredients. This makes the adhesive shrink and crack as the solvent needs to evaporate away for the adhesive to dry. This can pull the adhesive adhesive away from the surfaces that need bonding creating a weak bond. As Adiseal does not contain solvents, it does not shrink or crack. There is more active product in the tube and provides a much stronger bond than other construction adhesives.

Sometimes using cheaper products end up costing more as once they fail they need replacing. For a trades person, this can be an issue. Time is money and they have a reputation to keep up of good quality work.


EC1 Plus certified

Adiseal has the lowest VOC and has been certified the top certification, EC1 Plus.


ISEGA Certified

Not all construction adhesives are suitable for use in food preparation areas. Adiseal is suitable and has been certified ISEGA to show it’s suitable for use in kitchens and other food preparation areas.


Construction Adhesive Dry Time

Adiseal dry time can take 24 to 48 hours to fully cure. This dry time can increase in colder temperatures. If the items starts to move away, then temporary supports may be required to hold the items in place until the dry time is complete.

Construction adhesive for concrete

Adiseal can also be used as a construction adhesive for concrete. To demonstrate this we have bonded a number of different items to a concrete block. This was done without the need for a primer. As concrete is porous, some products require the concrete be sealed first with a primer. Sealing of the concrete is not required when trying to stick items to it with Adiseal construction adhesive for concrete. It simply requires both surfaces are thoroughly clean before applying the adhesive.

Construction adhesive demonstration block. Concrete block with different materials stuck to it including metal, wood, plastic and other items.
Demonstration of heavy duty construction adhesive on concrete block.

On the concrete demo block, no primer was used to seal it. It was simply cleaned thoroughly by brushing it. A fine brush like a painting brush helps remove fine dust.

How to use construction adhesive

How to use construction adhesive

  1. Clean surface

    An adhesive bond is only as strong as the surface it is stuck on. If the surface of the material is dirty, dusty, greasy or painted, this needs to be removed first to get a good clean surface for the adhesive to stick to. It is recommended to use a fine brush like a painting brush on some dusty surfaces to remove fine dust.

  2. Apply adhesive

    Apply the adhesive to one material surface. Covering as much surface area as possible will increase the overall bond strength.

  3. Push materials together

    Firmly push the materials together.

  4. Use temporary supports if required

    If the items starts to move away, then use temporary supports until the dry time is complete. Extra high initial grab adhesives can remove the need for temporary supports. The dry time for Adiseal is 24 to 48 hours.

Data Sheets


Adiseal is available in the following colours:

It can also be manufactured in any RAL colour.

How to remove construction adhesive

Some products can be deactivated with chemical products. To remove Adiseal products, this requires mechanical methods. To remove cured Adiseal, use a sharp item like a knife if access is available. If access is not available then use a sharp wire like a clay cutting wire to cut it.


Free tube offer

We’re giving away a free tube of Adiseal White to any trades person. See offer page for more details.

Construction adhesive UK

To buy Adiseal construction adhesive in UK, please contact us to find your local stockist. Outside of the UK our products construction adhesive UK, can be purchased from the distributor of your country. If there is no distributor in your country then please visit www.guglue.com who can ship worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about construction adhesive

What is the best construction adhesive?

In an independent test, Adiseal was found to be the best construction adhesive. It was a lot stronger than all the other products that were tested. The results of the test are as follows:

Max pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Adiseal: 3123+
SupaBond: 1115
Tec 7: 1016
HB42: 942
Loctite PL Premium: 873
Gorilla Grab Adhesive: 862
Bond It PU18: 582
Bond It Save Nails: 411

Where can I buy construction adhesive?

In the UK, Adiseal can be bought from stockists. For other countries Adiseal products can also be bought from https://guglue.com

Can Adiseal be used as a construction adhesive for concrete?

Yes Adiseal works on many different materials. It can be used as a construction adhesive for concrete to stick many different items to concrete.

Can construction adhesive be used for exterior applications?

Adiseal is a waterproof product so it can be used as an exterior construction adhesive as well as for interior applications. It is also UV resistant and stays flexible.

Can construction adhesive be used as a caulk?

Adiseal can be used for several different applications including as an adhesive, sealant, caulk and filler to name a few. It is extremely strong, waterproof and easy to smooth when applied.