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Universal Pipe Clips

Universal Pipe Clips

AllClip are universal pipe clips that are suitable for different size pipe, conduit and cable. AllClips can be used as cable clips, pipe clips, pipe brackets, cable cleats and saddle clamps. The advantages of AllClip as well as how to use universal pipe clips will be looked at.

Advantages of AllClip universal pipe bracket

  • Universal clip for all pipe, cable & conduit of different sizes
  • AllClip is easy to use
  • Saves user time & money
  • Very high strength hold
  • Made from high strength polyamide
  • RoHS 2 compliant

AllClip is handy to have on site as when a different size pipe and conduit clips are required, AllClip will be suitable for most applications. This saves time and money for the contractor as they have the clips ready available. The contractor doesn’t need to waste time having to travel to trade merchants to get different size clips, brackets or saddle clamps.

Pipe clips suitable for different size pipes, cable or conduit.

Size of AllClip universal conduit, pipe & cable clips

AllClip is available in 2 sizes

Small – for sizes 8mm to 32mm diameter pipes, cables and conduits.
Large – for sizes 16mm to 50mm diameter pipes, cables and conduits.

Quantity of AllClip

AllClip is available in a bag of 10.

Strength of AllClip clips for pipe, cable & conduit

AllClip has a very strong hold. To demonstrate just how strong AllClip is, we hung up a concrete block using the AllClip.

Universal pipe clip strength demonstration with it holding up a heavy concrete block.
Universal pipe clip strength demonstration.

How to use universal pipe clip

How to use universal pipe clips

  1. Check size

    Check if the clip is suitable for the size of pipe. AllClip small is for sizes 8mm to 32mm diameter pipes, cables and conduits. Large is for sizes 16mm to 50mm diameter pipes, cables and conduits.

  2. Install clip

    Mark the location of where the clip should go then install with a screw. On surfaces like wood, this can be done directly but on materials like brick or concrete, this will need to be done with a wall plug and screw. On vertical surfaces, if the pipe is going horizontally then it is advisable to install the clip so that the side with the strap already attached is at the bottom. This will make installation of the pipe easier and it will hold a higher weight.

  3. Bend strap

    Before installing the pipe, it is advisable to bend the strap 90 degrees. This will make installation easier.

  4. Install pipe

    Place the pipe in the middle of the clip and pull the end of the strap through the hole on the other side of the clip.

  5. Remove excess

    Remove any excess strap by cutting it.

Video of universal pipe clip demonstration.

Our AllPlug are wall plugs suitable for use on plasterboard and other substrates.

Where to buy

To buy pipe clip in the UK, please contact us for details of your local stockist. For other countries you can buy from www.guglue.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AllClip be used for different pipes, cables and conduits?

Yes, AllClip is suitable for different sized pipes, cables and conduits. The small size is suitable for 8mm to 32mm diameter. Large size for 16mm to 50mm diameter.

Is AllClip easy to use?

Yes, AllClip is easy to use. Simply attach the clip using a screw, place pipe in clip and hold it in place with the flexible strap. It is recommended to fold the strap in 90 degrees before placing the pipe to get a tighter fit.

Can AllClip flexible strap be opened again once used?

Once AllClip has been installed, it has to be cut open once used.

Is AllClip strong enough to hold heavy items in place?

Yes, the AllClip has a very strong hold. To demonstrate just how strong the AllClip is, we hung up a concrete block using the AllClip.

Where to buy AllClip universal clips for pipe, cable & conduit?

In the UK, AllClip can be purchased from Adiseal stockists. For other countries please visit www.guglue.com to purchase AllClip.

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