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Clear Sealant

(Last Updated On: 3 June 2023)

Clear Sealant

Which clear sealant?

There are many different clear sealants available on the market. Most of these products that say clear on the packaging are not that clear when applied. Some clear silicone sealants are cloudy instead. Adiseal Ultra Clear is the best waterproof clear sealant for many different reasons. It is crystal clear when first applied and dries crystal clear.

Clear sealant comparison vs popular sealant and adhesive competitor. Adiseal is clearer.
Clear sealant comparison vs popular competitor, *** sealant and adhesive.

In the above image, Adiseal Ultra Clear is extremely clear. The product on the right is from a competitor product claiming to be the number 1 product. As can be seen in the image, this clear product from the competitor has a blue tint.

Clear silicone sealant

Some of the cheaper clear silicone sealants tend to be almost white in colour instead of being clear. Adiseal Ultra Clear is crystal clear when applied and stays crystal clear when it has dried. The image below on the left shows silicone clear vs the old formula of Adiseal Ultra Clear on the right. The new version of the Adiseal Ultra Clear is even more clear than before.

Silicone clear sealant vs Adiseal Ultra Clear sealant and adhesive. Adiseal is crystal clear whereas the silicon is cloudy.
Silicone clear is cloudy compared to Adiseal Ultra Clear which is crystal clear.

Clear sealant in water

One of the reasons why Adiseal Ultra Clear is the best clear sealant is because of how it remains clear even when submerged in water. In our test, it was the only product to remain clear in and above water. To carry out the test, we first applied the products from different manufacturers inside new clean plastic cups. The cups were then filled halfway with water. They were then covered by a plastic sheet and all cups were kept together in the same conditions. The image below shows the result of the test after the products were left in water for a few days.

Clear sealant test in water. Adiseal stayed clearest. A popular competitor *** sealant and adhesive has turned white.
Test results for clear sealant in water. Adiseal has stayed the clearest sealant.

As can be seen from the image, the competitor products being tested turned white where they were in contact with the water. A competitor product claiming to be the number 1 sealant actually performed the worst. It was the only product to turn white both above and below the water line. In fact this competitors old formula performed better than their new formula. Their old formula only turned white below the water line whereas their new formula has turned white below and above the water line.

Adiseal performed the best in the water test. It remained crystal clear above the water and only turned slightly cloudy below the water.

Clear sealant in water comparison. Adiseal vs popular competitor. *** sealant and adhesive has turned completely white whereas Adiseal Ultra Clear has stayed the clearest sealant.
Adiseal ultra clear sealant vs *** sealant and adhesive. *** sealant and adhesive has turned white whereas Adiseal Ultra Clear has stayed clear.

Other Benefits of Adiseal Ultra Clear

The standard adhesive drying time for Adiseal is 24 – 48 hours to fully cure. Curing times can increase in colder temperatures.


Adiseal Ultra Clear is a waterproof sealant. It works in the dry, damp, wet & even underwater. As it is a clear sealant waterproof, it can seal leaks instantly even if there is water. It can be used as a clear sealant for metal, wood, plastic, concrete and many other materials even when these items are wet. This makes Adiseal ideal to use to carry out emergency repairs even in the rain.

Video of waterproof sealant sealing underwater.

Interior and exterior clear sealant

Adiseal Ultra Clear works both in interior and exterior applications. It remains flexible and is UV resistant. As it can also be used for exterior uses, Adiseal Ultra Clear is also a great clear roof sealant and a clear gutter sealant.

Clear roof sealant

Adiseal is also a waterproof exterior clear sealant that can seal a roof instantly even in the rain. There are many different types of roofing materials Adiseal will seal. It is great for emergency repairs as well for permanent fixes.

Clear gutter sealant

Adiseal Ultra Clear can also be used as a clear gutter sealant. It can seal in the dry and wet. If the clear gutter sealant being used is Adiseal then Adiseal will stop a gutter leak even in the rain.

CT1 clear sealant vs Adiseal Ultra Clear

In our test between CT1 clear sealant vs Adiseal Ultra clear, we have found Adiseal to be the better product. It is more clearer than CT1 clear sealant when applied. Adiseal also remains more clear than CT1 when both products have dried.

Adiseal also stayed more clearer than CT1 in the water test. It’s easy for us to say we have the best product so we are offering tradespeople in the UK a free tube for you to test it yourself. To get a free tube please visit the offer page. Please tell us if you want the clear version as we normally send the white version.

Where to buy?

In the UK, Adiseal products can be bought from stockists. For other countries, our products can be bought from www.guglue.com

Other colours

Adiseal is also available in the following colours:

Paint can also be mixed into Adiseal Ultra Clear to create a custom coloured sealant.

Frequently asked questions about clear sealant

How to remove clear sealant?

To remove clear sealant, varies on what type of product it is. Most silicone sealants are solvent based. For solvent based products, Adisolve can be used to deactivate the product. Spraying Adisolve on top of the product will help the silicone peel away from the material it is stuck to. Use a sharp item then to cut away any sealant that remains stuck to the surface.

How to apply clear sealant?

To apply clear sealant requires a clean surface first. If there is any existing sealant, this will require removing before applying the new sealant. Adisolve will help remove old sealant that is solvent based. Old sealant can also be removed using a sharp item like a knife.
Once the surface is clean, apply the sealant on top. Pushing the sealant into the gap will provide a better seal. Smooth the sealant then allow the product to dry. Some people apply tape on the sides to get a good clean finish on the sealant.

What is the best clear sealant?

Adiseal Ultra Clear is the best clear sealant. It is crystal clear and is more clear than other products. Adiseal remains clear in water whereas other products we tested turned white. It is a waterproof product that is suitable for use both as an interior and exterior clear sealant. Adiseal works in the dry, damp, wet and even underwater. It seals instantly even in the rain. It is UV resistant and has many other benefits

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