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Clear Sealant

Ultra Clear Sealant: Waterproof, Transparent. Seals in Dry or Wet

Adiseal ultra clear sealant is a transparent waterproof sealant that can seal instantly in dry or wet conditions. It can be used to seal a variety of items and is equally great as an exterior clear outdoor sealant as well as for indoor use. Adiseal outperforms clear silicone and mastics in many different sealing applications.

clear sealant comparison. Adiseal ultra clear vs silicone clear sealant.

What is the best clear sealant?

Not all sealants or mastics are truly transparent when applied, often appearing cloudy instead. However, Adiseal Ultra Clear stands out as the top choice for a waterproof clear sealant. Unlike other products like clear silicone or mastic, Adiseal delivers exceptional clarity both during application and after drying, ensuring a crystal clear finish.

Clear silicone sealant

Cheaper clear silicone and mastics can appear almost white instead of truly clear. In contrast, Adiseal Ultra Clear maintains a crystal-clear appearance both when applied and after drying.

Silicone clear sealant vs Adiseal Ultra Clear sealant and adhesive. Adiseal is crystal clear whereas the silicon is cloudy.
Silicone clear is cloudy compared to Adiseal Ultra Clear which is crystal clear.

Test in water

Adiseal Ultra Clear is the top choice, staying exceptionally clear even when submerged in water. In our test, it was the only product to remain transparent both in and above water. We placed sealants and mastics from various manufacturers in new clean plastic cups, filled them halfway with water, and covered them with plastic sheets. The test results, shown below, highlight Adiseal Ultra Clear’s unmatched performance.

Clear sealant test in water. Adiseal stayed clearest. A popular competitor *** sealant and adhesive has turned white.
Test results for transparent sealant in water. Adiseal has stayed the clearest product.

The image highlights performance differences among the tested products. Competitor sealants and mastics turned white when in contact with water, while Adiseal excelled. Even under challenging conditions, Adiseal remained impressively clear above the waterline, with only slight cloudiness below.

Benefits of Adiseal Ultra Clear Sealant Adhesive

The standard adhesive drying time for Adiseal is 24 – 48 hours to fully cure. Curing times can increase in colder temperatures.


Adiseal can seal many items including the following materials:

Waterproof clear sealant

Adiseal ultra clear waterproof sealant offers unmatched clarity and sealing capabilities. It excels at sealing leaks in various conditions, be it dry, damp, or even fully submerged situations. This makes Adiseal great for carrying out emergency repairs even in the rain.

Waterproof sealant is available in different colours as well as clear.

Indoor and outdoor sealant

Adiseal is a versatile clear waterproof sealant for both indoor and outdoor use. Its flexibility and adaptability suit various interior or exterior sealing applications. With UV resistance, it maintains clarity and performance under sunlight, making it reliable for roof sealing and gutter repairs. It creates a transparent and seamless finish that effectively protects roofs from water damage.

Clear roof sealant

Adiseal excels at instantly sealing roofs, even in rainy conditions. It is highly versatile and can effectively seal various types of roofing materials. Whether you need it for emergency repairs or permanent fixes, Adiseal is a reliable choice.

Clear gutter sealant

Adiseal Ultra Clear is not only suitable for various applications but also serves as an effective clear gutter sealant. Its exceptional sealing capabilities extend to both dry and wet conditions. When using Adiseal as your clear gutter sealant, you can trust it to prevent leaks even during rainfall.

CT1 sealant clear vs Adiseal Ultra Clear

In our comparison test between CT1 sealant clear and Adiseal Ultra Clear, Adiseal emerged as the superior product. When applied, Adiseal displayed a higher level of clarity compared to CT1 clear. Furthermore, even after drying, Adiseal maintained its superior clarity in comparison to CT1.

In the water test as well, Adiseal outperformed CT1 by staying clearer. We are confident in the quality of our product, which is why we are offering tradespeople in the UK a free tube to try it for themselves. To claim your free tube, please visit our offer page. Kindly indicate your preference for the clear version, as we typically send the white version.

Clear sealant in water comparison. Adiseal vs popular competitor. *** sealant and adhesive has turned completely white whereas Adiseal Ultra Clear has stayed the clearest sealant.
Adiseal Ultra Clear vs *** sealant and adhesive. The competitor product has turned white, whereas Adiseal Ultra Clear has stayed clear.

How to use a clear sealant

How to use a clear sealant

  1. Surface Preparation

    Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, and other contaminants. Use a suitable cleaner if necessary and allow the surface to fully dry before applying the sealant.

  2. Cut the Nozzle

    If using a tube of sealant. The size of the nozzle opening will determine the width of the sealant bead.

  3. Apply the Sealant

    Starting at one end of the desired area, slowly and evenly apply the sealant in a continuous bead. Maintain a consistent pressure on the caulking gun or tube to ensure a smooth and uniform application.

  4. Tooling

    Immediately after applying the sealant, use a sealant tool or a moistened finger to smooth and shape the bead. This helps ensure proper adhesion and creates a neat finish. Remove any excess sealant.

  5. Drying and Curing

    Allow the sealant to dry and cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This process may take several hours or longer, depending on the sealant type and environmental conditions.

  6. Clean-Up

    Clean excess sealant from tools, surfaces, and your hands using an appropriate solvent or soapy water before it dries.

Tip: To store Adiseal once opened, leave about 1cm worth of product out of the nozzle and store the tube upright in a cool dry place. Adiseal requires moisture for it to cure. The exposed part out of the nozzle will cure creating a cap. To re-use Adiseal, pull the cured part out or cut the nozzle until the uncured part is reached.

Where to buy?

In the UK, to buy clear sealant, please contact us for details of your local stockist. For other countries, our Adiseal ultra clear sealant can be purchased from https://guglue.com/product/adiseal-adhesive-sealant-ultra-clear-290ml/


Adiseal adhesive and sealant is available in the following colours:

Adiseal can also be manufactured in any RAL colour.

Frequently asked questions about clear sealant

How to remove clear sealant?

Most silicone sealants are solvent based. For solvent based products, Adisolve can be used to deactivate the product. Spraying Adisolve on top of the product will help the silicone peel away from the material it is stuck to. Use a sharp item then to cut away any sealant that remains stuck to the surface.

What is the best clear sealant?

Adiseal Ultra Clear is the best clear sealant. It is crystal clear and is more clear than other products. Adiseal remains clear in water whereas other products we tested turned white. It is a waterproof product that is suitable for use both interior & exterior applications. Adiseal works in the dry, damp, wet and even underwater. It seals instantly even in the rain. It is UV resistant and has many other benefits

What is a clear waterproof sealant?

It is a type of sealant specifically designed to provide a transparent, watertight barrier, ensuring effective protection against water infiltration.

Where can clear sealants be used?

It can be used in a wide range of applications, including sealing windows, doors, glass panels, bathroom fixtures, outdoor structures, and more.

What is the best clear waterproof sealant?

Adiseal ultra clear waterproof sealant has been shown to be the best product. It has the ability to seal instantly in dry or wet conditions. It is very clear once applied and also stayed clearest in our test in water where competitor products turned white.

Is clear sealant waterproof?

Adiseal is a sealant that is waterproof. It can be applied to dry, damp & wet surfaces. Due to its waterproof property, Adiseal can also seal instantly even in the rain.

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