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Adiseal Ltd are suppliers of high performance construction products & building materials. Our Adiseal adhesive & sealant proved it’s the strongest product in an independent test.

Adhesive and sealant. Best in independent test.

Best Metal Drill Bit

Introducing Adiseal Ultimate metal drill bit, the fastest and most durable metal drill bit. In our test drilling into stainless steel it drilled faster and drilled more holes than any other drill bit. It beat the best drill bits from the top 3 worlds biggest brands combined. Competitor drill bits it beat include metal cobalt drill bits from Milwaukee cobalt red, DeWalt Extreme cobalt, Bosch cobalt & Makita.

Drill bit for metal test results chart

Also in the Adiseal Ultimate range is the fastest masonry drill bit & multi material drill bit. It drills faster and drills more holes than any other masonry or multi material drill bit when drilling without hammer function.

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  • Masonry Drill Bit

    Masonry Drill Bit & Multi-Material Adiseal Ultimate masonry drill bit is also a multi material drill bit that drills faster and drills more holes than any other masonry drill bit or multi material drill bit when drilling without hammer function. This give it numerous advantages […]

  • Drill Bit for Metal

    Metal drill bits Adiseal Ultimate has been shown to be the best drill bit for metal in our test drilling into stainless steel with a drill press. It is the fastest and most durable metal drill bit available. In our test, it drilled more holes […]

  • Grab Adhesive

    Grab Adhesive: Adiseal Strongest in Test Adiseal grab adhesive has been shown to be the strongest grab adhesive by an independent adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman. It provides a strong, flexible, waterproof and durable bond that also has the added advantage of grabbing materials […]

  • Waterproof Adhesive

    Adiseal Waterproof Adhesive Glue Adiseal waterproof adhesive sticks items in dry, damp or wet conditions. It provides a water resistant, high strength, durable and flexible bond, even in the wet. Adiseal waterproof adhesive has been shown to be the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive […]

  • Weatherproof Sealant

    Weatherproof Sealant: Adiseal Weather Resistant Adiseal weatherproof sealant is a high performance product designed to create a barrier, effectively blocking water from entering or saturating materials. This high-quality sealant offers robust protection to building materials and other items, safeguarding them from water damage. It surpasses […]

  • Masonry Adhesive

    Masonry Adhesive: Adiseal Strong Bond Adiseal masonry adhesive is a specialised adhesive used in the construction and maintenance. It securely bonds various masonry materials, like bricks, blocks, stones tiles, and other materials. It is ideal for installing stone veneers and bonding different materials to masonry, […]


Adiseal beats competitors in independent test

In an independent adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman, Adiseal easily stronger than competitor products finishing over 3 times stronger then the next best product.

Strongest adhesive sealant proven by an independent test. Test results chart.

Video of independent construction adhesive strength test

Strongest construction adhesive test carried out by Ultimate Handyman

“That is actually unbelievable!”

Ultimate Handyman



Testimonials & some comments on the: Grab adhesive tests 2017, video on YouTube

  • That Adiseal is phenomenal!
  • That Adiseal is some stuff though, definitely need to get some of that bought!
  • I instantly went looking for Adiseal!
  • Need to get my hands on some of that to try out.
  • Looks like a cracking product.
  • Having used the two most expensive brands on numerous occasions, I’ll be trying out the others, especially the Adiseal.
  • Adiseal certainly surprised me in this test!
  • Fantastic tests. It’s unbelievable that Adiseal test with the hardwood.

Adiseal vs CT1 sealant and adhesive

Adiseal is better & than CT1 sealant and adhesive. For more details on how Adiseal is better than CT1, visit our adhesive sealant page. As well as Adiseal being better than CT1, Adiseal is also lower priced than CT1 sealant and adhesive. Why pay more for a brand name that doesn’t perform as well as Adiseal?

Other News

In a test to compare clear sealants in water, a popular clear sealant and adhesive from a competitor turned white. Adiseal Ultra Clear was the only product to stay clear in water.

Clear sealant in water comparison. Adiseal has stayed clear whereas the popular competitor product, *** sealant and adhesive has turned white in water.
Adiseal vs *** sealant and adhesive.

Clear sealant comparison test in water. Adiseal has stayed the most clear. A popular competitor product was the worst performer.
Clear sealant test results in water. Adiseal stayed the most clear.

In a mould resistance test, the popular brand sealant and adhesive from the same competitor as above became mouldy. Adiseal adhesive & sealant remained mould free.

Anti mould sealant & mould resistant sealant comparison test result.
Adiseal vs *** sealant and adhesive.

As well as Adiseal adhesive and sealant having stronger mould resistance than the popular brand product, Adiseal also has stronger colour protection.

Exclusive distribution opportunity

Grab the opportunity to become the exclusive distributor for your country. Adiseal products are now sold all over the world through www.guglue.com so there is already a demand for Adiseal products in your country. The potential is there to do very well with becoming Adiseal’s exclusive distributor. Are you going to be the one who will grab this exciting opportunity? Please contact us for further detail.

Adiseal Ltd are also the UK distributors of international brands. If you want your brand represented in the UK then contact us. Adiseal Ltd can offer a complete distribution service in the UK including warehousing, sales representation, marketing & delivering to customers.

More Information

Most Adiseal product are multipurpose and will outperform dedicated products from other manufacturers. For more information on how to use Adiseal products for specific applications, click on the links below.

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