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Repair Gutter Leak

(Last Updated On: 21 October 2022)

Repair Gutter Leak with Gutter Sealant

To repair a gutter leak using the best gutter sealant, Adiseal sealant & adhesive will make the job easier and provide a good, long-lasting seal. This article will look at why Adiseal is the best gutter sealant to fix a gutter, gutter leak at joint & how to seal gutters. Even if it’s raining outside, the guttering can be sealed instantly with Adiseal. Another advantage of Adiseal is to be able to test the guttering seal instantly by pouring water into the gutter as soon as the sealant is applied. With another product, it would need to cure first before the seal can be tested. Other products could potentially take from a few hours to a few days to fully dry before the seal can be tested.

Best Gutter Sealant

To fix a gutter or repair a gutter leak, there are many different gutter sealants available but which is the best product.

Best gutter sealant. Strongest adhesive and sealant in test.

Adiseal sealant for gutters

The reason why Adiseal sealant is the best sealant for gutters is because of the following reasons:

Works in dry, wet & underwater

It is possible to seal a leaking gutter even if it’s raining outside with Adiseal. Adiseal works in dry, wet & even underwater. The exact location of the leak can be seen with the rainwater and the fix on the gutter can be done straight away instead of waiting.

With other sealants for gutters, a dry day would be required first to apply the sealant. Only once these other sealants have cured, will you know whether that guttering sealant has fixed the leak or not. With Adiseal, the leak can be fixed immediately with a good, long-lasting seal & it can be tested immediately.

Video of waterproof sealant sealing leak underwater instantly.

To show just how Adiseal works in the wet and seals instantly even underwater, we carried out a demonstration in the above video. In the demonstration, we cut a hole (250mm x 10mm) in a very large plastic box. It was then filled with water and the leak was sealed instantly with Adiseal, even though the water was pouring out when it was being applied.

Waterproof Sealant

As Adiseal is waterproof, it can also be applied even underwater & adhere to the surface being applied to. This will allow Adiseal to seal a leak instantly even if the gutter is full of water.

Demonstration of waterproof gutter sealant sealing a leak underwater.
Demonstration of waterproof gutter sealant sealing a leak underwater.

Gap Filling Sealant

Adiseal has high gap filling properties, meaning it will seal even if the hole in the gutter is big where the leak is coming from or if there is a big gap in the gutter joint. Adiseal will also avoid slumping when used in overhead applications due to its high gap filling property.

Over Paintable

Adiseal is available in the following colours: white, black, grey, brown & ultra clear. Adiseal can be manufactured in any RAL colour. It is also over paintable with most paints if a colour is required that is not available in the standard colours.

Tip – If the gutter is a non-standard colour then paint can be mixed into Adiseal Ultra Clear to make it match the exact colour of the gutter. Use a piping bag, tube or cartridge to apply the custom coloured Adiseal.

Flexible Sealant

The flexibility of Adiseal allows for movement of the gutter. This can happen due to temperature & moisture changes. It can also soak up vibration, creating the strongest seal. The seal on a non-flexible sealant will eventually fail because of its brittle nature, it will crack over time. If a seal is required to last a long time, it’s best to use a flexible product like Adiseal.

UV Resistant

Adiseal can be used both indoors & outdoors as it is UV resistant. Adiseal will not become dry, brittle or peel away due the UV radiation from the sun. This can be a problem with other sealants that are not UV resistant.

Virtually Odourless

Adiseal does not contain solvents or isocyanate meaning it does not have that harsh solvent smell that comes with other products. Other products containing solvents will require well ventilated area requirements for use. This is not a problem for Adiseal as it’s very safe & virtually odourless.

No Shrinkage or Cracking

Adiseal does not shrink as it’s not filled with solvents unlike other products. Other products are filled with solvents to make them cheaper to manufacture but this results in there being less active product in the cartridge. This causes the product to shrink as the solvents evaporate away. As Adiseal does not contain solvents, there is more active product in the adhesive sealant tube & therefore no shrinkage when you apply it.

Problem of using cheap products

One problem of using a cheap silicone sealant to seal a gutter or any other item is that the sealant will start to peel away from the surface before it’s cured. This is because of the sealant shrinking due to the solvent escaping from the cheap silicone sealant. This is the same problem when using a cheap adhesive that contain solvents leaving a weaker bond than better products like Adiseal.

As Adiseal does not any contain solvents, it provides a much stronger bond & better seal that will last lot longer than other products. Using cheaper products sometimes end up costing more as once they fail, you will have to remove the old product & re-apply the new adhesive & sealant.

EC1 Plus certified

Adiseal is certified EC1 Plus meaning it has the lowest certified VOC for adhesives & sealants.

Suitable for interior & exterior use

Adiseal is a high performance product that performs equally well when used as an interior sealant adhesive as well as an exterior sealant adhesive. It remains UV resistant, flexible & waterproof.

Gutter leak at joint

There are 3 main reasons for a leaking gutter.

  1. A hole in the gutter caused be debris falling into the gutter from the roof. This could be a broken slate or tile.
  2. Blockage in the gutter stopping the water running down into the drain. This can also happen with moss or other plants growing in the gutter.
  3. Failure of the sealant on a gutter joint between two sections causing the gutter to leak at the joint.

Gutter leak repair sealant that can stop a gutter leak even in the rain.
Gutter leak due to hole.

The leak in the above image is due to a hole in the gutter itself. The hole & crack in the gutter can be easily fixed with Adiseal without having to replace the broken gutter.

Gutter repair & cleaning

To get the best possible seal on a leaking gutter, it will need to be cleaned first. Remove any debris that might have fallen into the gutter from the roof. Use a brush to remove any debris. Using a fine brush like a painting brush will help remove fine dust.

Thoroughly clean the place where the sealant will be applied. Remove any old sealant, oil, grease, tar, dirt, dust & any other stubborn deposit with Adisolve solvent cleaner. Adisolve can help deactivate most silicon based sealants, making it easier to remove.

How to repair a gutter leak

Details of how to repair a gutter leak

  1. Find location of leak

    To find the hole where the gutter leak is coming from on a dry day, take some water with you in a bottle and pour it into the gutter.

  2. Clean surface

    Make sure the area where the sealant will be applied is thoroughly clean by brushing away any debris that has fallen into the gutter from the roof. Remove any old sealant, oil, grease, dust, moss & any other dirt before applying the sealant. Adisolve solvent cleaner is the ideal product to remove oil, grease, tar, old sealant & other stubborn deposits.

  3. Apply gutter sealant

    Once clean, apply the gutter sealant on the hole. Adiseal can be applied in the dry, wet & even underwater. With other sealants, that area will require drying first. It is better to start nearest to you then pushing forward when applying the sealant. This will push the sealant into the joint & better fill any gaps instead of the guttering sealant just covering the top.

  4. Remove excess

    Excess uncured Adiseal can be removed using a thick cloth. Adisolve can also be used to tool the joint & help clean up excess uncured Adiseal.

  5. Test seal

    To test if the leak on the gutter has been sealed properly, wait for the sealant to cure then pour some water into the gutter again. With Adiseal sealant & adhesive, this can be done straight away and does not require Adiseal to cure to carry out this test.

Gutter leak sealant repair in emergency

The advantage of using Adiseal for repairing a gutter leak sealant is, whether the repairing is done in an emergency or not, the sealant will provide a good, long lasting gutter seal.

Gutter type

Gutters can be made from a number of different materials. The most common material used is PVC plastic. Gutters are also made from steel, copper, concrete, aluminum, zinc and other materials. Plastic gutters are cheap, lightweight and easy to work with. They are available in a number of different colours but the most common colours are white, black, grey and brown. Whatever sealant for gutters is used, it needs to provide good adhesion on the material for it to seal properly. Adiseal adhesive & sealant provides the strongest adhesion and sealing properties on a number of different materials.

Clear gutter sealant

Adiseal Ultra Clear can also be used as a clear gutter sealant. Just like the other Adiseal adhesive & sealant range, it will seal leaks in even in the rain.

Where to buy

In the UK, Adiseal products can be purchased from Adiseal stockist. For other countries, please visit www.guglue.com

Frequently asked questions about repairing gutter leak

What is the best gutter sealant?

Adiseal sealant is the best gutter sealant. It seals instantly, works in the wet, stays permanently flexible, UV resistant and has many other benefits. As it is a waterproof sealant, it can seal a leak even in the rain.

On a gutter joint, which is the best sealant to use?

Adiseal sealant is the best sealant to use on a gutter joint whether it is to repair, fix or install the gutter joint.

Does Adiseal seal a leaking gutter instantly?

Yes, Adiseal sealant will seal a leaking gutter instantly even if it’s full of rain water.

Does Adiseal also fix a leaking roof?

Yes, Adiseal is also ideal at fixing a leak on a roof as well as being great at repairing a leaking gutter.

Can you fix a leaking gutter in the rain?

Yes, it is possible to fix a leaking gutter in the rain with Adiseal. It is a waterproof sealant that works in the dry and wet. It seals instantly and provides a permanent seal on a gutter leak.

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