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Strong Sealant

Strong Sealant Adhesive: Waterproof Adiseal Better Than Silicone Adiseal extra strong sealant provides a high-performance seal instantly in dry, damp, wet and even underwater. It provides a strong watertight seal on many different waterproofing sealing applications. Adiseal has been shown to have the strongest mould […]

Metal Sealant

Waterproof Sealant for Metal: Watertight Bond & Seal Adiseal sealant for metal provides a strong waterproof seal on many different types of metal. Whether you need to seal a metal roof or a repair leaking metal gutter, Adiseal metal sealant can seal instantly, even in […]

Water Leak Sealant

Water Leak Sealant: Instant Waterproof Sealer To stop a water leak in an emergency situation requires a water leak sealant like Adiseal. It can seal leaks instantly even in wet conditions like rain. Adiseal leak sealer provides a strong and durable waterproof seal in dry […]

Kitchen Sealant

Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant: Better Than Silicone Adiseal is a high-performance kitchen sealant and bathroom sealant. It is ISEGA certified meaning it is certified for use in food preparation areas like kitchens. When using a sealant for kitchen, not every sealant like silicone is certified. […]

CT1 Sealant Adhesive

CT1 Sealant Adhesive Alternative Adiseal Proves Better the CT1 CT1 sealant adhesive is a good product but Adiseal adhesive sealant is better than CT1. For any manufacturer to say their products are better than their rivals is easy but proving it is another matter. Adiseal […]

Weatherproof Sealant

Weatherproof Sealant Adhesive: Outdoor Sealing & Bonding Adiseal weatherproof sealant adhesive provides a high-performance waterproof seal instantly in dry or wet conditions. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor water-resistant sealing and bonding. Adiseal weather resistant sealant can also be used for emergency repairs […]

Lead Sealant

Adiseal Lead Sheet Flashing Sealant in Grey Adiseal lead sheet sealant is a high-performance product that can seal lead flashing even in wet conditions. It provides a superior weatherproof flexible seal between lead pointing and brickwork or masonry. Its waterproof sealing properties makes Adiseal the […]

Gutter Sealant

Roof & Gutter Sealant: Waterproof Adiseal Adiseal roof and gutter sealant is a waterproof sealant that can instantly seal gutters and roofs, even in the rain. It provides a strong, long-lasting, flexible and weatherproof seal on gutters, gutter joints, gutter seams, roofs and many other […]

Outdoor Sealant

Outdoor Sealant Adhesive: Adiseal Exterior Weatherproof Sealing Adiseal outdoor sealant provides a high-performance waterproof seal in exterior sealing applications. It can seal instantly in dry, damp or wet conditions. This exterior weatherproof sealant is ideal for both emergency repairs as well as long term sealing. […]

Anti Mould Sealant

Anti Mould Sealant: Extra Strong Resistant Mould on a sealant is a problem that can be avoided by using the correct anti mould sealant. Mould can grow on sealant for different reasons but one reason why mould grows on silicone sealants is because they contain […]