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Grey Sealant

Grey Sealant: Waterproof Adiseal Better Than Grey Silicone Adiseal grey sealant is a high-performance sealant that can seal in dry or wet conditions. Due to its waterproof properties, it is suitable for exterior use as well as for indoor use. Adiseal performs better than grey […]

Black Sealant

Black Sealant: Waterproof Adiseal Better Than Silicone Adiseal black sealant is a high-performance product that provides a superior water resistant seal instantly. It can seal in dry or wet conditions making it ideal for stopping leaks. It is waterproof therefore it is equally great for […]

Clear Sealant

Clear Sealant: Waterproof Transparent Adiseal Better Than Silicone Adiseal clear sealant is a transparent sealant that can seal instantly. It works in dry or wet conditions. It can be used to seal a variety of items and is equally great as an exterior clear sealant […]

Waterproof Sealant

Waterproof Sealant: Adiseal Strong Water Resistant Seal Adiseal, a high-performance waterproof sealant, instantly seals in dry, damp, or wet conditions, offering a robust weatherproof seal to prevent water from infiltrating materials. Outperforming products like silicone sealant mastic, Adiseal excels in sealing dry, damp, wet, and […]

Underwater Sealant

Underwater Sealant: Adiseal Seals in Water Instantly Adiseal underwater sealant is a versatile product that can seal in dry, damp, wet and even underwater. Most sealants that require a dry surface to be able to adhere to when applying the sealant. This is not a […]

Electrical Waterproof Gel

Electrical Waterproof Gel Electrical waterproof gel is designed to provide insulation & sealing inside electrical junction boxes. This is to protect from the ingress of liquids & solids. IPGel Duo provides IP68 gel protection whereas IPGel Mono provides IP67 gel protection. IP means ingress protection. […]

Adiseal – Adhesive & Sealant

  Adiseal Strongest Best Grab Adhesive & Sealant Adiseal adhesive & sealant is a high-performance product that has been shown to be the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test. In the test it was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor. Adiseal […]

Roof Leak

Roof Leak A roof leak can happen for many different reasons. Adiseal roof leak sealant is a great product to carry out emergency roof repair and a permanent fix for a leaking roof. It will work on both flat & pitched roofs. Although Adiseal roof […]

Seal Lead

Adiseal Lead Sheet Sealant: Grey Lead Seal Adiseal lead sealant will both stick and seal lead flashing. When it comes to seal lead flashing, there are numerous products on the market. While certain lead sealants may provide temporary solutions, their effectiveness tends to diminish over […]

Repair a Felt Roof

How to REPAIR a FELT ROOF | Step by Step Guide When a felt roof is damaged, timely repairs are essential to prevent leaks and prolong its lifespan. Repairing a felt roof involves identifying the damage, preparing the surface, applying new roofing felt with suitable […]