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Anti Mould Sealant

Anti Mould Sealant: Extra Strong Resistant

Mould on a sealant is a problem that can be avoided by using the correct anti mould sealant. Mould can grow on sealant for different reasons but one reason why mould grows on silicone sealants is because they contain solvents. The cheaper the sealant, the more solvents the product contains.

For the silicone to cure, the solvent needs to evaporate away. This creates microscopic holes for bacteria and fungal spores to get into and multiply with moisture. Silicone sealants that claim to be mould resistant contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents but they have a limited life.

In this article we will look at what is the best anti mould sealant. Adiseal mould resistant sealant & adhesive does not contain any solvents. It cures from outside in, meaning the outside creates a skin first before the inside cures. As it does not contain solvents, it does not have the same problem as silicon sealants, where the solvent creates microscopic holes while escaping from the silicon sealant.

anti mould sealant & mould resistant sealant. Comparison test between Adiseal vs *** sealant and adhesive. Adiseal has stronger mould resistance.
Adiseal vs *** sealant and adhesive. Adiseal has stronger mould resistance.

How to avoid mould growth on sealants

The easiest way to avoid mould growth on a sealant it to use a good quality anti mould sealant like Adiseal mould resistant sealant & adhesive. This anti mould sealant does not contain any solvents or isocyanate. Adiseal cures from outside in, meaning it forms a skin on the outside first then cures inwards leaving no microscopic holes for the bacteria or fungal spores to get into.

One other way to avoid mould growth on sealants is to keep the sealant dry but this can be difficult in a bathroom or kitchen that is being used a lot.

Another way to avoid mould growth on a sealant is to clean it on a regular basis with a bleach based cleaner. This will kill bacteria and fungal spores reducing their numbers and so avoiding mould growth on the sealant.

How to remove mould

If you do get mould growth on a sealant, there are ways to remove it. Examples include using a mould remover or leaving a bleach soaked towel on the sealant for a while until it clears.

Adiseal anti mould sealant & adhesive is suitable for use in bathrooms, showers, drains, gutters, sinks, kitchens, windows & many other applications.

As well as Adiseal anti mould sealant & adhesive being free of solvents & isocyanates, Adiseal also has the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound). Adiseal has the top EC1 Plus certification for this. Adiseal anti mould sealant is also certified ISEGA meaning it is certified suitable for use in food preparation areas.

Best mould resistant sealant in test. Best anti mould.

The record breaking Adiseal anti mould sealant & adhesive seals instantly, can be applied in dry, wet & even underwater. It remains waterproof, permanently flexible and is UV resistant as well.

Best anti mould sealant test

To find out what the best anti mould sealant is, we carried out several tests including a mould resistance test. The mould resistance test was carried out by applying sealants from different manufacturers inside new clean plastic cups then filling the cups half way with tap water. Each cup was then covered and kept in the same conditions, so as to be fair to all the products being tested. As can be seen in the image, the best sealant was Adiseal again where it had the strongest mould resistance from the sealants tested.

anti mould sealant & mould resistant sealant
Adiseal vs *** sealant and adhesive

Mould resistance test result

In the above image, even after 90 days of being submerged in the same tap water, both the sealant & water are still very clear in the Adiseal cup compared to other products. One of the competitors product being tested, claimed to be the No.1 adhesive and sealant. This other product which is more expensive than Adiseal, didn’t perform as well as Adiseal in the mould resistance test. Unlike the competition, Adiseal doesn’t just claim to be the No.1 sealant and adhesive but it can prove it.

As well as Adiseal having the strongest mould resistance, Adiseal also seals instantly, works in the wet & even underwater.

Where to buy anti mould sealant

In the UK, our products are available to buy from Adiseal stockists. To buy our products in other countries, please visit www.guglue.com

We are looking for exclusive distributors for other countries. Please contact us for further details on where to buy or to enquire about the exclusive distribution opportunity.

Adiseal is available in the following colours:

Adiseal can be manufactured in any RAL colour.

Frequently Asked Questions About Anti Mould Sealant

What is the best mould resistant sealant?

Adiseal was the best mould resistant sealant in our tests. It has the strongest resistance to mould growth.

Is it possible to avoid mould growth on sealant?

It is possible to avoid mould growth on a sealant by keeping it dry. This might be difficult in places where there is a lot of water like in a bathroom. It is also possible to stop mould growth on a sealant by cleaning it regularly with a bleach based cleaner.

Are all mould resistant sealants the same?

No, there are sealants that claim to be mould resistant but these other products have anti mould components mixed with the sealant. These anti mould components have a limited shelf life. The best way to avoid mould on a sealant is to use a product like Adiseal.

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