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Clear Adhesive

Clear Adhesive & Construction Sealant: Transparent Grab Bonding

Adiseal ultra clear adhesive sealant is a high-performance adhesive that outperforms other clear adhesives. It provides a high-strength, flexible, waterproof and durable bond. Unlike other clear products that might say clear on the tube but turn out to be cloudy on application instead, Adiseal ultra clear is a truly transparent adhesive and sealant. It also stayed transparent the longest in our test submerged in water. Adiseal is also weatherproof making it suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Adiseal ultra clear adhesive sealant vs cloudy competitor.

Clear Test in Water

To test how clear adhesive sealants retain their clarity, we tested them by submerging them in water. This was done by applying the clear products from various manufacturers inside new clean plastic cups, filling them with water, covering them and leaving them stored in a cool dark place for several days.

Clear adhesive test in water.

As can been seen in the image, Adiseal adhesive sealant emerged as the best clear adhesive in terms of maintaining its clarity. Other products turned white where they were exposed to water. CT1 clear adhesive sealant was the worst performer in our test as it turned white both below and above the waterline.


Adiseal ultra clear adhesive will successfully stick the following items:

How to use a clear adhesive

How to use a clear adhesive

  1. Prepare the Surfaces

    Ensure that the surfaces you plan to bond are clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, or debris. Use a fine brush or cloth to remove any particles if necessary.

  2. Apply the Adhesive

    Apply the clear adhesive to one of the surfaces. Be sure to cover as much area as needed for a strong bond.

  3. Join the Surfaces

    Once the adhesive is applied, firmly press the two surfaces together. Apply even pressure across the bonded area to ensure a secure connection.

  4. Curing Time

    Allow the adhesive to cure for the recommended duration specified by the product instructions. Avoid disturbing the bonded surfaces during the curing process. Use temporary supports if required.

  5. Remove Excess Adhesive

    Remove any excess adhesive that may have squeezed out of the sides.

Benefits of Adiseal

Other benefits of Adiseal include:

Best adhesive & sealant in independent test.

Data Sheets

Other colours

Adiseal adhesive and sealant is also available in the following colours:

Where to buy clear adhesive

In the UK, to buy clear adhesive, please contact us for details of your local stockist. To buy Adiseal products other countries that do not have a distributor, visit https://guglue.com/ who can post to other countries.

Frequently asked questions about clear adhesive

What is clear adhesive used for?

Transparent adhesive is used for bonding materials where a transparent or invisible bond is desired. It is commonly used in applications where the adhesive line needs to be unnoticeable, providing a clear finish.

Can clear adhesive be used on various materials?

Yes, it is formulated to work on a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, acrylic, metal, wood, stone and more.

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