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Adiseal adhesive and sealant was the strongest product in an independent adhesive strength test.

For further details of the record breaking strongest best grab adhesive & sealant, see the Adiseal page.


Most Adiseal product are multipurpose & will outperform dedicated products from other manufacturers. For more information on how to use Adiseal products for specific applications, click on the links below.





Best mirror adhesive

Strongest adhesive for skirting boards

Best adhesive on concrete

Best Construction adhesive

Instant grab adhesive

Strongest adhesive

Glue metal to wood

How to bond metal

Remove adhesive glue

Glue for plastic

Adhesive for artificial grass

Glue for Rubber

Glue for plastic to metal

Stick stone

Glue for ceramic

Glue for brick

PVC adhesive

Marble adhesive

Granite adhesive

Tar and glue remover

Gap filling adhesive

Flexible adhesive

Roofing felt adhesive

Masonry adhesive

Waterproof adhesive

Grab adhesive

Solvent-free grab adhesive

Polystyrene adhesive

CT1 sealant adhesive vs Adiseal adhesive sealant

Panel adhesive

Best adhesive

Shower panel adhesive

Stick wood to concrete or brick

Outdoor adhesive

Sink Glue

Granite adhesive

Heavy duty adhesive

Builders Adhesive

Strong Adhesive

Instant hold adhesive

Building adhesive

Slate adhesive

Limestone adhesive

Clear adhesive

White adhesive

Black adhesive

Grey adhesive

Brown adhesive

Weatherproof adhesive



Strongest mould resistant sealant

Underwater sealant

Waterproof sealant

Clear sealant

Black sealant

Grey sealant

Brown sealant

Wet sealant

Outdoor sealant

Gutter sealant

Lead sealant

Weatherproof sealant

Kitchen sealant

Water leak sealant

Metal sealant

Strong sealant

Drill bits

Metal drill bit

Masonry drill bit & multi material drill bit

Brick drill bit

Concrete drill bit

1/4 inch hex shank masonry drill bit

Cobalt drill bits

Carbide drill bit

Best drill bits

Heavy duty drill bits




Wall plugs for plasterboard

Universal clips for pipe, cable or conduit of different size

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Roof leak

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