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Wet Sealant

(Last Updated On: 2 June 2023)

Wet Sealant

Adiseal is such a great product that it can be used as a dry sealant as well as a wet sealant. Most sealants require the surface to be dry for it to stick to the surface. With Adiseal, it can be applied to dry, damp, wet surfaces and even underwater. This makes Adiseal ideal for carrying our permanent and emergency repairs in pools, boats, buckets, tanks, tubs, gutters and many other items.

In this article we will also look at what is the best wet sealant and how to remove wet sealant.

Wet sealant demonstration. Underwater sealant sealing a leak in water.
Wet sealant demonstration, sealing a leak in underwater.

Wet surface sealant

As most sealants have to be applied to dry surfaces, it can make the job much longer to complete if working on something that contains water. The water will need to be removed first to be able to apply the sealant. This can take a long time where there is a lot of water, like in pools. Even if the sealant is applied to a dry surface, not all products are suitable at sealing underwater when the water is reintroduced. The products might not stay bonded to the surface underwater.

What is the best wet sealant?

Adiseal adhesive & sealant can seal a leak even underwater. To demonstrate how good Adiseal is at working on wet surfaces, a large 10mm by 250mm hole was cut into a large plastic tub. The tub was then filled with water. Even with the water pouring through the large hole, Adiseal was able to seal instantly as can be seen in the video below.

Video of wet sealant sealing a leak underwater instantly.

For a product to successfully seal on wet surfaces, it also needs to cure underwater, resist mould growth as well as stay stuck to the material surface.

With Adiseal being use as a gutter sealant, it’s possible to repair a gutter leak even in the rain.

Best mould resistant sealant test

To find out what is the best wet sealant we carried out several tests including a mould resistance test. The test was carried out by applying different sealants inside new clean plastic cups. The cups were then filled half way with tap water. Each cup was then covered and kept in the same conditions, to be fair to all the products being tested. The best sealant was Adiseal as it had the strongest mould resistance from the sealants tested. This can be seen in the image below.

Mould resistant wet sealant test result. Adiseal stayed mould free longest.
Strongest mould resistant sealant test results in water after 90 days.


Mould resistance test result

Even after 90 days of being underwater in the same tap water, both the sealant & water are still very clear in the Adiseal cup.


Clear wet sealant

Adiseal Ultra Clear sealant & adhesive is one very clear sealant. Other sealants might say clear on the tube but when applied, they are instead cloudy or have coloured tint. Cheaper silicone sealants tend to be very cloudy, almost white in colour when you apply them instead of being clear.


Adiseal Ultra Clear has strongest colour retention underwater

Clear wet sealant in water comparison. Adiseal stays clear in water.
Colour retention of sealant. Test in water.

Adiseal also has the strongest colour retention when underwater. As the image shows, the competitor clear product has turned white whereas Adiseal stayed clear. The image was taken after both products were submerged in the same tap water for 16 days continuous.


Colour retention test

The colour retention test was carried out with a number of clear sealants from different manufacturers. Each product was applied inside new clean plastic cups, filled half way with water, covered & kept them in the same conditions.

Clear sealant test in water. Adiseal stayed clearest in water. Other clear products turned white.
Clearest sealant test results when sealant were kept in water.


Adiseal top in colour retention test

Adiseal was the only product to stay clear above and underwater, making it ideal for use as a clear sealant & glue.

Other Benefits of Adiseal Adhesive & Sealant

The standard adhesive drying time for Adiseal is 24 – 48 hours to fully cure. Curing times can increase in colder temperatures.

Adiseal is available in the following colours:

Adiseal can be manufactured in any RAL colour.

How to remove wet sealant

Details of how to remove wet sealant.

  1. Remove bulk of wet sealant

    The bulk of the wet sealant can simply be wiped away if it has not cured yet. Use a thick cloth to do this.

  2. Spray Adisolve on residue

    Any residue that is left might require an additional cleaner to help to remove it. As Adiseal can stick to wet surfaces, water can not be used for this purpose.

  3. Wipe away residue

    Adisolve will make the sealant residue easier to wipe away with a thick cloth.

  4. Repeat if necessary

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 to thoroughly remove the residue.

  5. Wait for Adisolve to evaporate

    Before applying new sealant, wait for the Adisolve product to evaporate away.

Wet sealant demonstration

Adiseal seals, grabs and bonds in dry and wet conditions. The sealing & grab properties of Adiseal were demonstrated by pouring water on bricks first. On this wet surface the sealant was applied, grabbed and lifted with another brick immediately.

Applying wet sealant on wet brick. Grab demonstration.
Applying sealant on wet brick.
Grab demonstration on wet bricks. Ideal for use as an underwater glue.
Instant grab demonstration of sealant on wet bricks.

Permanent submersion

Adiseal can seal and bond underwater but it is not recommended when it will be permanently submerged in water and exposed to the water. If for example Adiseal is used to stick a tile in a pool while it’s full of water. As long as the tile and tile grout stop the water from reaching the adhesive after the tile has been stuck on and grouted, then it is suitable even though the pool will be permanently full of water.

Where to buy wet sealant?

In the UK, our products can be purchased from Adiseal stockists. For other countries it can be bought from online sellers like www.guglue.com who can ship worldwide. Please contact us for details of your local stockist or to enquire about the exclusive distribution opportunity for other countries.

Frequently asked questions about wet sealant

What is the best wet sealant?

Adiseal is the best wet sealant. It works in dry, damp, wet and even underwater. It seals instantly, has the strongest mould resistance and colour retention underwater.

Where to buy wet sealant?

Wet sealant can be bought from Adiseal stockists in the UK. For other countries it can be bought from online sellers like www.guglue.com

Does Adiseal wet sealant and adhesive cure in water?

Yes, Adiseal is both sealant and adhesive. It was the strongest adhesive in an independent test. It will glue many different items underwater as well as seal and cure underwater.

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