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Electrical Waterproof Gel

Electrical Waterproof Gel Electrical waterproof gel is designed to provide insulation & sealing inside electrical junction boxes. This is to protect from the ingress of liquids & solids. IPGel Duo provides IP68 gel protection whereas IPGel Mono provides IP67 gel protection. IP means ingress protection. […]

Cable Lubricant

CABLE LUBRICANT: Cable & Wire Pulling Protection CabLube cable lubricant is used to make wire and cable pulling easier during installation. This also helps protect the cable from damage. When installing cable, often the cable needs to be pulled through holes, conduit, ducting or trunking. […]

Universal Pipe Clips

Universal Pipe Clips AllClip are universal pipe clips that are suitable for different size pipe, conduit and cable. AllClips can be used as cable clips, pipe clips, pipe brackets, cable cleats and saddle clamps. The advantages of AllClip as well as how to use universal […]