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Adiseal – Adhesive & Sealant

(Last Updated On: 2 October 2023)


Best ADHESIVE & SEALANT | Adiseal Strongest in Test

With numerous manufacturers boasting about having the best grab adhesive, strongest adhesive, and most flexible adhesive, it can be challenging to determine the ideal construction adhesive & construction sealant. The market is flooded with a wide array of construction adhesives and sealants, making it daunting to find the perfect product. However, Adiseal stands out as a high-performance multipurpose solution that surpasses dedicated products designed for specific tasks.

In fact in an independent test, Adiseal came on top with nothing else coming even close to Adiseal. It was so strong that even the screws of the test rig started to rip forcing the test on Adiseal to be stopped.


Best strongest grab adhesive sealant. Adiseal is the best construction adhesive and sealant as proven by an independent test.


Best grab adhesive

Various manufacturers often make bold claims about their grab adhesive, proclaiming it to be the best, strongest, most flexible, or the best construction adhesive and sealant in the market. However, it is important to remember that only one product can truly hold the title of being the best and strongest. With a multitude of options claiming superiority, the most reliable approach is to subject them to independent testing in order to ascertain their actual performance and determine which one truly stands out.

Best grab adhesive in independent test.


Grab adhesive strength test

In order to determine the best grab adhesive, Ultimate Handyman conducted a series of independent tests. Among the contenders, Adiseal proved to be exceptionally outstanding, surpassing its competition by a wide margin.

To evaluate the strength of the grab adhesives, Ultimate Handyman applied each product between hardwood and metal surfaces. A hydraulic ram was employed to exert pressure and measure the breaking point of each adhesive bond between the wood to metal.




The strongest adhesive was easily Adiseal

Adiseal emerged as the indisputable champion among all competitor products, demonstrating an astonishing strength that surpassed its closest rival by over threefold. The immense power of Adiseal was evident when the screws securing the test rig began to tear out, and even the hydraulic ram seal gave way, necessitating the premature termination of the test. Adiseal proved itself to be too formidable for the test rig, firmly establishing its position as the unrivaled strongest product.

In terms of bond strength between hardwood and metal, Adiseal withstood an astounding pressure of over 3123+ psi, while all other grab adhesives faltered at 1115 psi or lower. The results presented in the chart below unequivocally highlight Adiseal as a remarkably potent grab adhesive, possessing unparalleled strength.




Strongest construction adhesive strength test result. Adiseal is the strongest adhesive, way ahead of all the other adhesives tested. Adiseal did not even break at over 3123 psi whereas all other adhesives broke at 1115 psi or below.
Strongest adhesive test results chart.


ProductMax pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Adiseal3123 + psi
SupaBond1115 psi
Tec 71016 psi
HB42942 psi
Loctite PL Premium873 psi
Gorilla Grab Adhesive862 psi
Bond It PU18582 psi
Bond It Save Nails411 psi
Results of adhesive strength test between wood and metal


“That is actually unbelievable!”

Ultimate Handyman




Testimonials & some comments on the: Grab adhesive tests 2017, video on YouTube

  • That Adiseal is phenomenal!
  • That Adiseal is some stuff though, definitely need to get some of that bought!
  • I instantly went looking for Adiseal!
  • Need to get my hands on some of that to try out.
  • Looks like a cracking product.
  • Having used the two most expensive brands on numerous occasions, I’ll be trying out the others, especially the Adiseal.
  • Adiseal certainly surprised me in this test!
  • Fantastic tests. It’s unbelievable that Adiseal test with the hardwood.



Video of construction grab adhesive strength test by Ultimate Handyman




What about other grab adhesives?

Over the years, Ultimate Handyman has conducted a series of independent tests, documenting the outcomes on the Ultimate Handyman YouTube channel. These tests have encompassed various products, including the previous formulation of Adiseal, as well as offerings from notable brands such as Soudal, Geocel, and C-Tec.




Adiseal vs CT1

Manufacturers often make grand claims about their construction adhesive and sealant, touting them as the top product in the market. However, it is essential to question whether these claims align with reality or if they are merely marketing hype. Instead of simply asserting that Adiseal is superior to CT1, we believe in substantiating our claim by demonstrating how Adiseal surpasses CT1 adhesive and sealant. We invite you to witness firsthand the tangible advantages of Adiseal over CT1 and let the results speak for themselves.





Adiseal not only outperforms both C-Tec CT1 and BT1 but also offers a more competitive price point. To provide you with comprehensive details and evidence of how Adiseal excels over CT1 and BT1, we kindly request that you send us an email to receive the test result data. As a testament to our confidence in Adiseal’s superiority to CT1, we are extending a special offer to tradespeople in the UK: a complimentary tube of Adiseal White 290ml. This way, you can personally experience and verify the exceptional performance of Adiseal in comparison to CT1 and BT1. For further information on this offer, please refer to the dedicated offer page. We believe that the most reliable way to discern the superiority of Adiseal over CT1 and BT1 is to test it for yourself, rather than relying solely on manufacturers’ marketing claims.




Is CT1 really 360% stronger?

Some manufacturers often make exaggerated claims about their products, boasting about being “360% stronger” than competitors. However, it is crucial to question the validity of these bold assertions. If the manufacturer fails to provide supporting evidence, such claims can be dismissed as mere marketing hype.

In an independent adhesive strength test conducted by Ultimate Handyman, Adiseal proved to be the record-breaking strongest adhesive. During the test, both the old formula of CT1 and the old formula of Adiseal were examined in a metal to metal adhesive strength test. The results revealed that the old formula of CT1 broke at 148 psi, whereas the old formula of Adiseal broke at 201 psi. This independent test clearly demonstrated that even the old formula of Adiseal outperformed the old formula of CT1 in terms of strength. The new formula of Adiseal exhibited even greater strength, breaking at 245 psi in the metal-to-metal test. Furthermore, Adiseal achieved an astonishing 3123+ psi in the wood to metal test without breaking. These results firmly establish Adiseal as the unrivaled strongest adhesive and sealant, as proven by independent testing. On the other hand, the claim of CT1 being “360% stronger” lacks any substantiating evidence from the manufacturer.

In addition to its exceptional strength, Adiseal Ultra Clear surpasses CT1 clear sealant in terms of clarity. It maintains its transparency in water better than CT1 clear sealant and adhesive. If you require proof of actual test results, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why pay more for a brand name that fails to deliver on performance when you can choose Adiseal? We encourage you to separate the hype from reality and make an informed decision based on proven results.




Strongest adhesive and sealant. Test results chart.


Adiseal vs Gorilla Grab Adhesive

During the Ultimate Handyman tests, Gorilla Grab Adhesive, manufactured by the makers of Gorilla Glue, was subjected to rigorous examination. In the metal-to-metal adhesive strength test, Gorilla Grab Adhesive broke at 166 psi, while Adiseal emerged as the strongest product, breaking at 245 psi. Based on this independent strength test, Adiseal proves to be superior to Gorilla Grab Adhesive in terms of strength.

Furthermore, the wood-to-metal adhesive strength test also revealed significant differences. Gorilla Grab Adhesive broke at 862 psi, whereas Adiseal surpassed this performance by going over 3123 psi without breaking. This independent wood-to-metal strength test solidifies the fact that Adiseal is considerably stronger than Gorilla Grab Adhesive.

In both the metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal strength tests, Adiseal demonstrated its superior strength when compared to Gorilla Grab Adhesive. These independent tests confirm Adiseal as the go-to choice for exceptional adhesive strength and performance.



Adiseal vs Tec 7 sealant and adhesive

During the Ultimate Handyman test, Tec 7 Sealant and Adhesive underwent thorough examination. In the metal-to-metal adhesive strength test, Tec 7 broke at 165 psi, while Adiseal emerged as the strongest product, breaking at 245 psi. Based on this independent strength test, Adiseal proves to be stronger than Tec 7.

The wood-to-metal adhesive strength test also revealed significant differences. Tec 7 broke at 1016 psi, whereas Adiseal showcased its exceptional strength by surpassing 3123 psi without breaking. This independent wood-to-metal strength test further establishes Adiseal as significantly stronger than Tec 7.

In both the metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal strength tests, Adiseal demonstrated its superiority over Tec 7. These independent tests confirm Adiseal as the preferred choice for exceptional adhesive strength and performance when compared to Tec 7.


Adiseal vs HB42 sealant and adhesive

The adhesive strength test conducted by Ultimate Handyman confirmed that Adiseal outperforms HB42 sealant and adhesive. Adiseal emerged as the top performer in both the metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal strength tests. In the metal-to-metal test, HB42 broke at 184 psi, whereas Adiseal demonstrated its superior strength by breaking at 245 psi. Similarly, in the wood-to-metal test, HB42 broke at 942 psi, while Adiseal surpassed even 3123 psi without breaking. These independent test results unequivocally establish Adiseal as significantly stronger than HB42.


Adiseal vs PL Premium

During the adhesive strength test conducted by Ultimate Handyman, PL Premium from Loctite was also included. The results of the test showed that Adiseal outperformed PL Premium in both the metal-to-metal and wood-to-metal strength tests. In the metal-to-metal test, PL Premium broke at 202 psi, while Adiseal demonstrated its superior strength by breaking at 245 psi. Similarly, in the wood-to-metal test, PL Premium broke at 873 psi, while Adiseal surpassed even 3123 psi without breaking. These test results clearly indicate that Adiseal is significantly stronger than PL Premium from Loctite.


Adiseal strongest again in metal to metal adhesive strength test

Adiseal continued to dominate in the metal-to-metal strength test conducted by Ultimate Handyman, reaffirming its position as the strongest adhesive once again. With consistent top performance, Adiseal proves to be not just good, but the best grab adhesive by a significant margin. Now, the question arises: does Adiseal also excel as a sealant, matching its adhesive prowess?




Adiseal will successfully stick the following items:


Adhesive on concrete used to stick different items to concrete. Items stuck to concrete include wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, polystyrene and other items.
Different items stuck to a concrete block with the best grab adhesive.


What is the best sealant?


Best mould resistant sealant test

In our pursuit of identifying the best construction sealant, we conducted a series of tests, including a rigorous assessment of mould resistance. For this test, we applied various sealants inside new plastic cups, filling them halfway with tap water. Each cup was carefully covered and placed under identical conditions to ensure fairness across all the tested products. Out of all the sealants evaluated, Adiseal emerged as the clear winner, showcasing the highest level of mould resistance. The accompanying image below visually illustrates this impressive performance.



Anti mould sealant and mould resistant sealant. Adiseal has stronger mould resistance than the competitor sealant claiming to be the number 1 sealant and adhesive.
Strongest mould resistant sealant test results.


Mould resistance test result

Even after a continuous 90-day submersion in the same tap water, both the sealant and the water in the Adiseal cup remained remarkably clear. In contrast, one of the competitor’s products, which boasted to be the top adhesive and sealant, fell short in the mould resistance test despite its higher price point compared to Adiseal. Unlike these competitors, Adiseal doesn’t simply make claims of being the best. Adiseal provides concrete evidence of its superior performance.

In addition to its outstanding mould resistance, Adiseal boasts instant sealing capabilities, allowing it to work effectively even in wet conditions and underwater scenarios.


Are you looking for a clear sealant?

Adiseal Ultra clear sealant & adhesive stands out as an exceptionally clear product among construction sealants. Unlike other sealants that claim to be clear but end up appearing cloudy or tinted when applied, Adiseal lives up to its promise. Cheaper silicone sealants often exhibit a cloudy, almost white appearance upon application, lacking the desired clarity.


Adiseal has strongest colour retention

Clear sealant in water comparison. Adiseal has stayed the clearest in water whereas the competitor claiming to be the best sealant and adhesive has turned white.
Colour retention of sealant. Test in water.

Not only does Adiseal construction sealant exhibit exceptional mould resistance, but it also boasts unparalleled colour retention even when submerged underwater. In contrast, the competitor product featured in the image, despite being pricier than Adiseal and claiming to be the top construction adhesive and sealant, has noticeably turned white when exposed to water, as depicted in the image above.

Colour retention test

The colour retention test involved various clear sealants and adhesives sourced from different manufacturers. To conduct the test, each product was meticulously applied within pristine plastic cups, subsequently filled halfway with water, securely covered, and placed under identical conditions.

Clear sealant test in water. Out of all the clear sealants tested, Adiseal Ultra Clear sealant has stayed the clearest.
Clearest adhesive sealant test results.


Adiseal top in colour retention test

Among the tested products, Adiseal stood out as the sole sealant that maintained its clarity both in and above the water. In contrast, the clear product from the competing brand, which boasted about being the leading construction adhesive and sealant, fared the worst. Notably, it turned completely white, even the portion that was exposed to the air. Surprisingly, the previous formula of their clear sealant and adhesive performed better, as it only exhibited discoloration when submerged in water.

Why pay more for a brand name when it’s the performance that actually matters? We say separate hype from reality.


Separate Hype From Reality

Despite their claims of being the top adhesive and sealant, some of our competitors fail to live up to their own hype, even when they come with a higher price tag compared to Adiseal.

In a comprehensive test conducted by Ultimate Handyman to determine the best grab adhesive, the competitor that touted themselves as the number one adhesive and sealant actually ranked 8th out of 10. This highlights the importance of separating marketing hype from reality. Why spend more on brand names when they don’t deliver the same level of performance as Adiseal? Ultimately, the performance of the product itself is what truly matters, surpassing the significance of its brand name.


Adiseal Applications & Benefits

This section will look at what materials & items Adiseal will bond & seal:

Bonds: Metals, wood, glass, mirrors, concrete, masonry, stone, tiles, polystyrene, roof felt, fibreglass, most plastics & many other items.

Seals: Baths, showers, gutters, drains, sinks, vehicles, boats, felt roofs & many other applications.

Benefits of Adiseal include:

The standard adhesive drying time for Adiseal is 24 – 48 hours to fully cure. Curing times can increase in colder temperatures.


Details of benefits

Works in dry, wet & underwater

Adiseal is a versatile adhesive that works in dry, wet, and even underwater conditions. It allows for immediate sealing of leaking gutters, regardless of the weather. With Adiseal, repairs can be made and tested right away, providing a long-lasting and effective waterproof seal. It is also a waterproof adhesive, eliminating the need to remove water before bonding materials. Adiseal’s versatility and reliability make it the top choice for gutter sealing and various applications.



Waterproof adhesive

Adiseal stands out as the ultimate waterproof adhesive, offering exceptional strength and reliability. It excels in various applications that demand a waterproof bond, ensuring a durable and long-lasting result.

Tip – When applying a waterproof adhesive in areas prone to water runoff, it is recommended to apply thin vertical strips. This technique enables water to flow down between the adhesive strips, preventing it from accumulating on the surface.


Instant Power Grab

Adiseal is a fast grab adhesive with high initial power, even on wet surfaces and underwater. For even faster grab, try Adiseal Hi-Grab adhesive. It provides exceptional instant power grab and bond strength. If high initial grab isn’t needed, standard Adiseal is recommended. The Hi-Grab version is thicker and requires more pressure to bring surfaces together.


Adiseal colors have a stronger initial grab and bond strength compared to Adiseal Ultra Clear. When using Adiseal as an adhesive, it is recommended to use Adiseal colors for optimal results.


Gap Filling Adhesive

Adiseal excels in bonding materials with uneven surfaces or gaps between them. Its high gap filling properties make it ideal for applications where a strong bond is required, even on rough or irregular surfaces like roughly cut natural stone. Unlike other products such as contact adhesives, Adiseal ensures a secure bond across the entire surface, filling in gaps and preventing slumping, even in overhead applications. This ensures a reliable and robust bond, which is not achievable with products lacking high gap filling properties.




Over Paintable

Adiseal offers a range of colours including white, black, grey, brown, and ultra clear. Additionally, it can be custom manufactured in any RAL colour to suit specific needs. Most paints can be applied over Adiseal, making it over paintable. However, compatibility testing is recommended for solvent and oil-based paints. Lightly sanding the surface can enhance paint adhesion. It is advisable to wait for Adiseal to fully cure, which typically takes 48 hours, before painting over it for optimal results.

Tip – Custom colour matching is possible with Adiseal Ultra Clear by mixing in your own paint colour. This allows you to achieve the exact colour you need for your adhesive and sealant. Simply mix the desired paint colour into Adiseal Ultra Clear and use a piping bag, tube, or cartridge to apply the custom-coloured Adiseal to your project.


Flexible Adhesive

Adiseal is a leading choice for the strongest flexible adhesive. Its flexibility ensures that the bond remains non-brittle, allowing for movement caused by temperature and moisture changes, as well as vibrations. Unlike non-flexible adhesives, Adiseal maintains its strength and durability over time, resulting in longer-lasting bonds that are less prone to failure. When it comes to creating a strong and reliable bond, using Adiseal, the superior flexible adhesive, is the way to go.


Virtually Odourless

Adiseal sets itself apart from other products by not containing solvents or isocyanates. Unlike solvent-based products, Adiseal doesn’t emit a strong and harsh solvent smell during application. This eliminates the need for well-ventilated areas when using Adiseal. With its safe and virtually odourless formula, Adiseal provides a user-friendly and pleasant experience.


Solvent Free

Solvents present in adhesives and sealants can cause damage to various materials. Polystyrene, commonly used for insulation and bath panels, is particularly sensitive to solvents and can melt upon contact. Adiseal, being solvent-free, is non-aggressive and the ideal adhesive for bonding polystyrene.

Similarly, mirror backing is highly susceptible to damage from solvents. To ensure the integrity of mirrors, Adiseal is the strongest adhesive designed for mirror applications. Its solvent-free formulation provides a secure and reliable bond without risking any harm to the mirror.


No Shrinkage or Cracking

Adiseal stands out from other products in its category as it does not contain solvents, which can lead to issues such as shrinkage and cracking. Many adhesive and sealant products use solvents to reduce manufacturing costs, but this compromises the amount of active product in the cartridge. As solvents evaporate, these products tend to shrink and crack over time. In contrast, Adiseal’s solvent-free formulation ensures that there is a higher concentration of active product in the tube, eliminating shrinkage and cracking upon application. Furthermore, Adiseal is engineered to maintain permanent flexibility, avoiding brittleness and providing a long-lasting bond.


Problem of using cheap products

Using a low-quality silicone sealant can lead to problems such as peeling away from the surface before it’s fully cured. This occurs because the sealant shrinks as the solvents escape. Similarly, cheap adhesives containing solvents result in weaker bonds compared to superior products like Adiseal.

Adiseal, on the other hand, is solvent-free, providing a significantly stronger bond and longer-lasting seal. Opting for cheaper alternatives can ultimately be more expensive, as they often require removal and replacement once they fail. This incurs additional costs in terms of time and money, particularly for professionals who strive to maintain a reputation for delivering high-quality work.


EC1 Plus certified

Adiseal is certified EC1 Plus meaning it has the lowest certified VOC (volatile organic compound) for adhesives & sealants.


ISEGA Certified

Adiseal is ISEGA certified meaning it is suitable for use in food preparation areas. Adiseal is the ideal kitchen sealant as it’s certified safe for use in food preparation areas.


Suitable for interior & exterior use

Adiseal is a versatile and high-performance product that excels in both interior and exterior applications as both an adhesive and a sealant. Whether used indoors or as an outdoor sealant adhesive, Adiseal maintains its exceptional waterproofing capabilities.

When applied to items like roof felt, Adiseal not only provides a strong bond but also effectively seals the roof. This dual functionality ensures both secure adhesion and reliable protection against moisture.



 Video of best grab adhesive & waterproof sealant demonstration.



Best construction adhesive & construction sealant for specific applications

Due to the high performance of Adiseal, it’s the best product to use for many different applications. It outperforms competitor products in many different applications including:

Adhesive for skirting boards

Best construction adhesive

Mirror adhesive

Gutter sealant

Adhesive on concrete

Glue metal to wood

Bond metal to metal

Adhesive for plastic

Repair a felt roof

Lead sealant

Adhesive for artificial grass

Glue for Rubber

Glue for plastic to metal

Stick stone

Roof leak

Glue for ceramic

Underwater sealant

Glue for brick

Waterproof sealant

PVC adhesive

Masonry adhesive

Weatherproof sealant

Waterproof adhesive



Sticking items to concrete including plastic, metal, wood, stone, ceramic, polystyrene and other items.
Demonstration concrete block with different items glued on with an adhesive.


A detailed guide on adhesives is also available on our website.



In addition to its widespread use in construction and DIY projects, Adiseal possesses the strength and durability required for demanding industrial applications.


Industrial adhesive sealant

Some of the industrial applications Adiseal has been successfully used is to:

  • Bond industrial freezer panels where other products failed.
  • Bond metal bearings to concrete bridges.
  • Seal & bond a variety of applications on boats.
  • Seal in warehouse used for a food manufacturing production line.
  • Maintenance of University halls of residence.


Small items

For items that have a small surface area, the Adiglue glue product might be more suitable but it will provide a more brittle bond than Adiseal.



Surface preparation

The strength of an adhesive or sealant is limited by the quality of the surface it is applied to. If the surface is dusty or contaminated, the bond will be compromised. To achieve optimal results, it is crucial to ensure that the surfaces are clean and free from dust, oil, grease, paint, or any other debris before applying any adhesive, sealant, or paint.

For effective surface preparation, Adisolve solvent cleaner is the ideal solution. It is a powerful yet non-aggressive product that serves as an adhesive remover, sealant remover, and solvent cleaner all in one. Adisolve effectively eliminates stubborn deposits such as oil, tar, grease, chewing gum, wax, and more. Available in a convenient 500ml aerosol spray can, Adisolve simplifies the cleaning process.


Electrical insulation sealant

Standard sealants are not appropriate for use as electrical insulation gel. Electrical waterproof gel is specifically designed to provide insulation from high voltage. Unlike standard sealants, electrical waterproof gel is formulated to remain flexible and re-enterable, allowing easy access to electrical connections if needed. It is crucial to use the correct type of gel designed for electrical applications to ensure optimal safety and performance.



How to use Adiseal adhesive and sealant

How to use Adiseal adhesive and sealant

  1. Prepare surface material

    To get a good strong adhesive bond or seal, making sure both surfaces are thoroughly clean is very important. Remove any dirt, oil, grease, paint, dust or any other dirt from the material surfaces. On materials like stone or concrete, using a fine brush like a painting brush will help remove the dust. Adisolve help removes oil, grease, tar, chewing gum and helps get a clean surface.

  2. Open cartridge

    To apply Adiseal adhesive and sealant, cut open the the top part of the tube. Screw on the nozzle. Cut the nozzle to the correct size if necessary.

  3. Use a good quality sealant gun

    As Adiseal is a thicker product than most other products, it requires a good quality sealant gun to get the product out of the tube.

  4. Apply the product

    Apply the product to 1 surface. If using Adiseal as an adhesive, covering as much surface area as possible will provide a stronger bond. Push the 2 materials firmly close together. Temporary supports might be required to hold the items in place until the adhesive cures.
    If Adiseal is being used as a sealant, fill the gap as much as possible to get a good quality seal. Pushing the product into the gap will provide a better seal than simply applying it over the top.

  5. Wait for it to cure

    Adiseal can take 24 to 48 hours to fully cure.

  6. Storage after use

    Adiseal requires air and moisture for it to cure. Once the product has been used, leave out about 1cm worth of product out of the nozzle. This part will cure, creating a seal at the top of the nozzle. In good conditions, the Adiseal in the cartridge should be OK to use again for up to 3 months after it was first opened. To use an opened Adiseal cartridge again, simply pull out the top part which has cured. If it has cured further down the nozzle then cut the nozzle further down. Sometimes the nozzle might need to be unscrewed to get to the uncured part. A new nozzle may be required in this case.



Data Sheets



Free tube offer

We’re giving away a free tube of Adiseal White to any trades person. See offer page for more details.



Where to buy Adiseal

In the UK, Adiseal products can be purchased from Adiseal stockists. To buy Adiseal products in the USA, Canada, France, Australia or any other country, visit https://guglue.com/ who can post to other countries.


Frequently asked questions about adhesive & sealant

What is the best grab adhesive?

In an independent test, Adiseal emerged as the top-performing grab adhesive. Here are the results of the test, indicating the maximum psi at which the grab adhesive bond broke:
Adiseal: 3123 +
SupaBond: 1115
Tec 7: 1016
HB42: 942
Loctite PL Premium: 873
Gorilla Grab Adhesive: 862
Bond It PU18: 582
Bond It Save Nails: 411
According to the test, Adiseal demonstrated the highest strength and outperformed the other grab adhesives.

What is the strongest adhesive?

The strongest adhesive according to an independent adhesive strength test was Adiseal. To carry out the test, the adhesive bond between wood and metal was broken with a hydraulic ram. Whereas all other adhesives being tested broke at 1115 psi or less, Adiseal went over 3123 psi and still did not break.

How do you remove adhesive?

To remove adhesive based on solvent, Adisolve can be used to deactivate the adhesive. Spray Adisolve on the adhesive to soften it. Then use a sharp item to scrape off the old adhesive.

What is the difference between adhesive and glue?

The difference between adhesive and glue is glue usually cure quicker than adhesives but provide a non-flexible brittle bond. Adhesives have more initial grab and grip than glue. Adhesives have higher gap fill than glue. Products like Adiseal stay flexible, unlike glue.

What is the best construction sealant?

The best construction sealant is Adiseal. It is seals instantly, stays permanently flexible, does not shrink or crack and can be applied to dry, damp wet surfaces and even underwater.

Which product is better, Adiseal or CT1 adhesive and sealant?

The better product is Adiseal. It has proved to be the strongest product in an independent test. To find out specific details of how Adiseal is better than CT1, please send us an email.

What is a construction adhesive sealant?

A construction adhesive sealant is a specialised adhesive product used to bond and seal various construction materials together. It provides a strong, durable bond and helps to prevent air and moisture infiltration.

What materials can be bonded with a construction adhesive sealant?

Construction adhesive sealants can be used to bond a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, concrete, glass, plastic, and more. They are versatile and suitable for various construction and repair applications.

Can a construction adhesive sealant be used for outdoor applications?

Yes, many construction adhesive sealants are designed for outdoor use. They are formulated to withstand weathering, UV exposure, and temperature fluctuations commonly encountered in exterior environments.




Suhail Matadar has extensive experience in the construction industry as an electrician, involved in installing, inspecting, and testing electrical systems in various projects. He excelled in sales, working for a major UK wholesaler, selling construction products to professionals and the DIY market. Suhail's background includes working at a leading home emergency repair company dealing with trades people. With a BEng (Hons) degree in Electronic Engineering, Suhail has worked with PLCs in the nuclear fuel manufacturing industry. During his studies, he gained practical experience at a chemical manufacturing company known for producing award-winning cleaning, hygiene, and livestock protection products for over a century. Currently, Suhail runs a global business specialising in supplying, researching, testing, and distributing chemical construction products like adhesives and sealants.