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Lead Sealant

(Last Updated On: 26 September 2023)

Lead Sealant: Adiseal High Performance Seal

Adiseal lead sealant is a high-performance sealant that can seal lead even in wet conditions. As well as providing a long-lasting seal on lead, it can also seal leaks instantly even if there is rain. Its waterproof sealing properties makes Adiseal the ideal lead sealant for emergency repairs as well as for more long-lasting solutions.

lead sealant, Adiseal seals instantly

Adiseal: The Ultimate Sealant for Lead Flashing

When it comes to choosing the ultimate sealant for lead flashing, Adiseal stands out as the top choice. Here’s why Adiseal excels as a lead sealer and adhesive:

  1. Strongest Adhesive: Adiseal has been independently tested by Ultimate Handyman and proven to be the strongest adhesive. Its exceptional bonding strength ensures a secure and reliable attachment between lead materials and other surfaces.
  2. Instant Sealing: With Adiseal, sealing is instantaneous. It provides an immediate and effective barrier against water penetration, preventing leaks and potential water damage.
  3. Permanent Seal: Adiseal offers a permanent seal that stands the test of time. Once applied, it maintains its integrity, ensuring long-lasting protection for your lead flashing.
  4. Flexibility: Adiseal remains permanently flexible, allowing for natural movements and thermal expansion/contraction of lead materials without compromising the seal. This flexibility ensures continued effectiveness and prevents cracking or detachment.
  5. UV Resistance: Adiseal is UV resistant, meaning it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without degradation. This ensures its longevity and performance even in outdoor applications.
  6. Cold Application: Adiseal can be applied in cold temperatures, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions and seasons.
  7. Mould Resistance: Its unique formula resists mould growth, preventing unsightly and potentially harmful mould from developing on the sealed surfaces.
  8. Solvent Free: Adiseal is solvent-free, minimizing health risks and making it safer to use in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces.
  9. Waterproof: As a highly effective waterproof adhesive and waterproof sealant, Adiseal forms an impermeable barrier, protecting against water intrusion and potential water-related damages.
  10. Versatility: Adiseal works reliably in both dry and wet conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It even performs underwater, offering exceptional versatility and convenience.

Independent test

As well as Adiseal being used to seal lead, it can also be used to stick lead. It will bond lead to many different building materials including, brick, felt, concrete and slate to name a few.

In an independent test by Ultimate Handyman, Adiseal was found to be the strongest product. In the test, no other product came even close to Adiseal.

Independent test results chart.
Test results of strongest adhesive. Can be also used to seal lead & bond lead flashing.

Adiseal’s exceptional strength was put to the ultimate test, where its adhesive power exceeded expectations. In fact, the adhesive was so incredibly strong that it caused the screws holding the test rig down to start ripping out. This unforeseen outcome led to the test on Adiseal being halted.

To witness this remarkable demonstration of Adiseal’s power, you can find the test video available on YouTube. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible strength and performance of Adiseal in this extraordinary adhesive test.

Video of strongest adhesive test by Ultimate Handyman

Adiseal will not only seal the lead flashing but it will also provide the strongest bond whether the lead flashing is being fitted to a rendered wall, a pitched roof or any other surface.

Instant Sealing and Verification with Adiseal

One of the remarkable features of Adiseal is its instant sealing capability, allowing for immediate verification of successful lead roof repairs. Here’s how it works:

  1. Instant Seal: When using Adiseal to repair a lead roof, you can witness its rapid sealing action. As soon as the sealant is applied, it begins creating a robust and reliable seal, preventing water penetration and potential damage.
  2. Verification Process: After completing the repair, you can quickly assess the effectiveness of the lead sealant. A simple test involves pouring water onto the repaired area covered with Adiseal. By observing the water’s behavior, you can determine if the sealing has been carried out successfully.
  3. Water Test: Pour water onto the lead sealant and observe how it behaves. If the water remains contained within the repaired area, without any signs of leakage or seepage, it indicates a successful seal. The water should remain on the surface, without penetrating through or causing any water damage.
waterproof sealant sealing a leak instantly even underwater.

By utilizing Adiseal’s instant sealing properties and performing a water test, you can promptly evaluate the success of your lead roof repair. This allows for immediate feedback and the assurance that the sealant has effectively sealed the lead, protecting your roof from potential water intrusion and associated problems.

Video of waterproof sealant sealing leak underwater instantly.

Adiseal: Delivering a Lasting and Reliable Seal

Adiseal offers a lasting solution for repairing lead flashing:

  1. Permanent Seal: Adiseal forms a durable bond, ensuring a long-lasting seal that provides peace of mind.
  2. Exceptional Durability: Adiseal’s strong formulation and adhesive properties make it highly durable, even in harsh conditions like UV exposure, temperature variations, and moisture.
  3. Reliable for Years: When used correctly, Adiseal ensures a secure and reliable repair that withstands the elements over time.
  4. Trusted Choice: With a proven track record and strong customer satisfaction, Adiseal is the trusted choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking a permanent fix for lead flashing.

Unwavering Flexibility for Lasting Performance

Adiseal’s standout feature is its permanent flexibility, setting it apart for these reasons:

  1. Resistance to Brittleness: Unlike other products that can become brittle and crack with temperature fluctuations, Adiseal maintains its flexibility. It adapts to temperature changes, preventing compromise in its sealing capabilities.
  2. Reliable Performance: Adiseal’s permanent flexibility ensures it won’t develop cracks or fractures that lead to water leakage. It withstands temperature variations, preserving the seal’s integrity and long-lasting protection against water infiltration.
  3. Adapts to Expansion and Contraction: As materials expand and contract due to environmental factors, Adiseal remains flexible without losing its sealing properties. This resilience effectively maintains a secure bond and prevents potential damage or water penetration.
  4. Extended Lifespan: When used for sealing lead flashing, Adiseal offers a significantly longer lifespan compared to other sealants. Its permanent flexibility keeps the seal intact and effective over an extended period, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

UV Resistant: Shielding Your Seal from Sun’s Harmful Rays

UV resistance is crucial for sealant longevity, especially for sun-exposed roofs:

  1. Protection from Solar Impact: Roofs endure direct sunlight and intense UV radiation. Without UV resistance, sealants deteriorate rapidly, leading to cracks, discoloration, and integrity loss.
  2. Enhanced Durability: UV-resistant sealants like Adiseal withstand long-term sun exposure, remaining stable and preventing premature degradation for lasting performance.
  3. Extended Lifespan: UV-resistant sealants significantly extend seal lifespans, maintaining protection and structural integrity despite continuous UV exposure. This ensures continued effectiveness against water infiltration.
  4. Reliable Performance: UV resistance signifies a sealant’s quality and its ability to endure harsh outdoor conditions. UV-resistant sealants, such as Adiseal, excel in outdoor applications, withstanding intense sunlight without compromising sealing capabilities.

Solvent-Free: A Strong and Safe Choice for Lead Sealing

Adiseal lead sealer’s solvent-free formulation sets it apart for these reasons:

  1. Non-Shrinking Performance: Unlike solvent-based sealants that can shrink upon curing, Adiseal maintains its original size, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond.
  2. Enhanced Bonding: Adiseal’s solvent-free composition enhances bonding strength compared to cheaper, solvent-heavy alternatives. It creates a reliable and durable seal that withstands time and environmental stresses.
  3. Compatibility with Sensitive Materials: Solvent-based sealants can harm sensitive materials like polystyrene insulation. Adiseal’s solvent-free formula ensures compatibility with a wide range of materials, including sensitive ones.
  4. Low VOC Certification: Adiseal is EC1 Plus certified, signifying its low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content. This certification reflects Adiseal’s commitment to safety and environmental responsibility, contributing to healthier indoor air quality and a better environment.

Versatile Performance: Adiseal Thrives in Dry, Wet, and Underwater Conditions

Adiseal excels in diverse environmental conditions, making it ideal for emergency repairs and sealing lead, even in challenging weather:

  1. Rain or Shine: Adiseal confidently handles emergency repairs during rain, ensuring a reliable, waterproof seal to prevent further water infiltration.
  2. Wet Environments: Adiseal’s strong adhesion and sealing capabilities work on damp surfaces, even in wet conditions, surpassing traditional sealants’ limitations.
  3. Underwater Applications: Unlike many sealants, Adiseal bonds and seals underwater effectively. Whether it’s submerged areas or underwater structures, Adiseal’s unique formulation guarantees a secure, long-lasting bond, providing a solution where others may fail.

Versatile Applications: Adiseal’s Multi-Purpose Capabilities

Adiseal excels in various projects beyond its lead sealing and adhesive capabilities:

  1. Leaking Gutter Repairs: Adiseal effectively repairs leaking gutters by forming strong bonds and waterproof seals, preventing water damage.
  2. Felt Roof Restoration: Adiseal is a dependable choice for felt roof repairs, sealing gaps or tears and ensuring long-lasting protection against water infiltration.

Adiseal’s versatility extends to common maintenance and repair tasks, making it a reliable solution for multiple applications.

Preparation for Sealing

Surface Preparation

  1. Cleaning the Lead Surface: Before applying a sealant, it is crucial to clean the lead surface thoroughly. Remove any dirt, dust, or debris using a soft brush or cloth. Ensure the surface is free from any substances that may hinder proper adhesion.
  2. Removal of Loose Particles and Oxidation: Inspect the lead surface for loose particles, such as flaking paint or rust. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to gently remove these particles, ensuring a clean and smooth surface. Additionally, if there is any oxidation on the lead, it should be addressed by gently cleaning or treating the affected area.

Where to buy lead sealant

To buy lead sealant in the UK, please contact us for details of your local stockist. For other countries that do not have a distributor, please visit www.guglue.com

Frequently asked questions about lead sealant

What is lead sealant?

Lead sealant is a type of adhesive specifically designed for sealing and bonding lead materials, such as lead flashing, to various surfaces.

What is the purpose of using lead sealant?

The purpose of using lead sealant is to create a watertight and durable seal between lead materials and other surfaces, preventing water infiltration and ensuring long-lasting protection.

What factors should be considered when choosing a lead sealant?

Factors to consider when choosing a lead sealant include compatibility with lead materials, application requirements, environmental considerations, curing time, and desired flexibility.

Can lead sealant be used on surfaces other than lead?

Yes, lead sealant can be used on surfaces other than lead, such as concrete, wood, metal, and plastic, as long as it is compatible with the specific surface material.

Is lead sealant resistant to UV radiation?

Some lead sealants are formulated to be UV resistant, which helps prevent degradation and maintain the sealant’s performance and appearance over time.

How should the surface be prepared before applying lead sealant?

The surface should be clean, dry, and free from dirt, dust, grease, and loose particles. It may also be necessary to use a primer or surface conditioner for optimal adhesion.

Can lead sealant be applied in wet or underwater conditions?

Certain lead sealants are formulated to work in wet or underwater conditions, allowing for repairs and sealing in challenging environments.

Is lead sealant flexible?

Many lead sealants are designed to remain flexible even after curing. This flexibility helps accommodate thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring the seal remains intact over time.

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