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How To Remove Wall Plugs

How to Remove Wall Plugs: Step by Step Guide Wall plugs, also known as wall anchors or rawlplugs, are commonly used to provide support and stability for screws and other fasteners. However, there are times when you may need to remove them, whether it’s due […]

Adhesive – A Detailed Guide

Detailed Guide to Adhesives Adhesive products are used in lots of different applications today to stick things together. This article is a detailed guide on adhesives. It will look at the history, science, adhesion, applications, different types, advantages & disadvantages of using an adhesive. Some […]

Roof Leak

Roof Leak A roof leak can happen for many different reasons. Adiseal roof leak sealant is a great product to carry out emergency roof repair and a permanent fix for a leaking roof. It will work on both flat & pitched roofs. Although Adiseal roof […]

How to remove glue from glass

How to remove glue from glass Removing glue from glass can be tricky. This also includes removing adhesive glue residue from the glass. Adisolve is a great product to use for removing pressure sensitive glue from glass. Adisolve is also an excellent adhesive remover, sealant […]

Seal Lead

Seal Lead: Adiseal Lead Sealant & Adhesive Adiseal lead sealant will both stick and seal lead flashing. When it comes to seal lead flashing, there are numerous products on the market. While certain lead sealants may provide temporary solutions, their effectiveness tends to diminish over […]

Repair a Felt Roof

How to REPAIR a FELT ROOF | Step by Step Guide When a felt roof is damaged, timely repairs are essential to prevent leaks and prolong its lifespan. Repairing a felt roof involves identifying the damage, preparing the surface, applying new roofing felt with suitable […]

Repair Gutter Leak

How to Repair Gutter Leak Instantly Is it possible to repair a gutter leak instantly in the rain with a gutter sealant? The answer is yes with Adiseal’s gutter sealant. When it comes to gutter maintenance, timing is everything. But what happens when you discover […]