Record Breaking Strongest Adhesive & Sealant

Adiseal adhesive & sealant destroyed the competition in an independent test. It was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor. Even the SCREWS STARTED RIPPING OUT in the test.


Professional Construction Products

Building Materials Suppliers to Trade Merchants

Adiseal Ltd are professional construction products & building materials suppliers to trade merchants. We have a range of high performance building materials, allowing end users to achieve professional results.

best strongest adhesive sealant

Our product range includes:

  • Adiseal – The best grab adhesive and sealant. The proven No.1 adhesive and sealant by an independent test.
  • Adiseal Hi-Grab – Instant grab adhesive with huge instant grab.
  • Adisolve – Non aggressive solvent cleaner, adhesive remover & sealant remover in 1 product available in a spray can.
  • AllPlug – Wall plug for plasterboard & other substrates.
  • AllClip – Universal clip for pipes, cables & conduit of different sizes.
  • Adiglue – Higher performance ultra strong glue.
  • Adiglue Acitvator – Accelerator for glue & sealer for porous materials.
  • IPGel Duo – 2 component electrical insulation gel.
  • IPGel Mono – Ready to use electrical insulation gel.
  • CabLube Liquid – Cable pulling lubricant liquid.
  • CabLube Gel – Cable pulling lubricant gel.
  • CabLube Foam – Cable pulling lubricant foam.
  • Total Seal – Liquid leak sealer.

Trades people trust Adiseal Ltd to provide quality construction products that gets the job done. Adiseal products are manufactured in the highest quality environment.

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Adiseal Ltd are also the UK distributors for several international brands including UltraLube, AjustLock & Rali hand planes.

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