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Skirting Board Adhesive

(Last Updated On: 2 June 2023)

Skirting Board Adhesive

What is the best skirting board adhesive?

The best skirting board adhesive is the record breaking Adiseal adhesive & sealant. To stick skirting board to a wall, using a strong flexible adhesive is essential for getting a good quality bond that will last a long time. We will look at how to stick skirting boards to a wall using an adhesive. The advantages and disadvantages of fitting skirting with an adhesive instead of mechanical methods will also be discussed.

Surface preparation

The maximum strength of any adhesive or sealant will only be as strong as the weakest surface it is being applied to. If an adhesive or glue is being applied to a dusty surface then it will only be as strong as the dust that is stuck to that surface. Spending a little extra time to make sure both the walls and skirting boards are free of any dust, grease, paint & any other dirt will result in a much stronger and longer lasting bond. If the wall is not flat, then first try to flatten it as much as possible & then use an adhesive with high gap fill. Adisolve is a great product to help remove oil, grease, tar & other stubborn deposits.

Flexible Adhesive

Using a non flexible adhesive will result in the bond becoming brittle. It will weaken over time then eventually break due to expansion contraction of the wood because of temperature & moisture changes. There is also vibration the adhesive for skirting boards has to absorb from people walking, touching the skirting boards and also from vehicle traffic if you live near a road.

Skirting board adhesive used to stick skirting to a wall.
Skirting fitted to a wall with skirting board adhesive.

High gap fill

Any skirting board adhesive used needs to have good gap filling properties. This is due to the nature of where the skirting board adhesive will be used. Although the skirting itself might have a flat surface, on most applications the wall will not be completely flat where the skirting needs to stick. Plasterers do not usually put plaster on a wall right down to the floor. This will create uneven spaces between the skirting and the wall. The adhesive for skirting board will need to stay in place and not run down while the adhesive dries.

How to stick skirting boards to a wall

How to stick skirting board to a wall using adhesive.

  1. Prepare skirting

    Preparation of clean walls and skirting is required for getting a good strong bond. It is better to let the skirting board acclimatise to the room. This is done by laying it flat and leaving it open for several days in the room if possible. Moisture in the room can cause the skirting board to warp even after it’s been stuck to the wall.

  2. Clean surface

    Making sure both skirting and the wall are clean is important to get a good strong bond that lasts a long time. Using a fine brush like a painting brush will help remove fine dust.

  3. Apply skirting board adhesive

    Apply the skirting board adhesive to one surface. Covering as much surface area as possible will provide the strongest bond. Apply extra adhesive where there are bigger gaps.

  4. Temporary supports

    If the adhesive grabs then temporary supports may not be required to hold the skirting in place until the adhesive has cured. If it doesn’t grab straight way then temporary supports will be required. To do this, place something heavy next to skirting to hold it in place until the adhesive has cured. Some cheaper adhesives can soak into the wood. This is not a problem for Adiseal.

Due to the nature of skirting boards & walls, it is better to use an adhesive for skirting boards rather than skirting board glue. Skirting board glue does not have the same gap fill or flexibility as skirting board adhesive.

Record breaking strongest adhesive and sealant proven by independent test

Best skirting board adhesive. Strong and flexible bond with high gap fill.

For more details on the best grab adhesive & sealant see the Adiseal page. It includes details of how Adiseal was the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test. In the wood to metal adhesive strength test, Adiseal was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor. It was even stronger than the screws holding the test rig down forcing the test on it to be stopped as the screws started ripping out.

ProductMax pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Tec 71016
Loctite PL Premium873
Gorilla Grab Adhesive862
Bond It PU18582
Bond It Save Nails411
Adhesive strength test results.

Strongest adhesive strength test result chart.

Fitting skirting with an adhesive or mechanical fixings

To fit skirting to a wall, there are two main ways to do this. One way is by mechanical methods by using screws and wall plugs. The problem with this method is the finish won’t be as nice as sticking the skirting on with an adhesive. In the image below, the skirting has been fitted to the wall with screws and wall plugs. The hole was then filled in with a wood filler but as can be seen in the image, the finish is not as good as not drilling into the wood skirting.

Skirting fitted with screws require holes that needs filling in.
Skirting fitted to a wall with screws instead of an adhesive.

Where to buy skirting board adhesive

In the UK, Adiseal skirting board adhesive can be purchased from Adiseal stockists. Please contact us for details. Online seller www.guglue.com can ship to other countries. You can also contact us to find out if there is a distributor or a distribution opportunity for your country.

Adiseal is available in the following colours:

Frequently Asked Questions About Skirting Board Adhesive

Will Adiseal stick skirting boards to a wall?

Yes, Adiseal adhesive will stick skirting boards to a wall and will provide a very strong and long lasting bond. The reason for this is because Adiseal is extremely strong yet stays flexible, absorbing any vibrations, knocks and expansion and contraction due to temperature and moisture changes in the air. It is also waterproof and UV resistant as well.

Which is better at sticking skirting, Adiseal or Hi-Grab?

Both Adiseal adhesive sealant and Adiseal Hi-Grab adhesive will provide an extra strong long lasting, flexible bond on skirting. Adiseal adhesive and sealant is the recommended product if there is no requirement for extra high initial grab and there are no big gaps to fill between the wall and skirting boards.

Can I use Adiseal Ultra Clear to bond skirting boards to a wall?

The Adiseal colours have stronger initial grab and bond strength compared to Adiseal Ultra Clear. It is recommended to use Adiseal Colours over Adiseal Ultra Clear when it’s being used as an adhesive only.

What is the best skirting board adhesive?

Adiseal is the best skirting board adhesive. It stays flexible, has high grab, high gap fill and it was the strongest adhesive in an independent test. It is also waterproof and UV resistant as well.

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