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Developing high performance construction products through extensive research and testing.

Waterproof Adhesive

Adiseal 100% Waterproof Adhesive, Glue & Sealant Adiseal waterproof adhesive provides a strong high-performance bond in dry or wet conditions. It is able to with withstand harsh weather conditions, providing a water resistant, high strength, durable and flexible bond. Adiseal is suitable for both indoor […]

Masonry Adhesive

Masonry Adhesive: Strong Glue to Bond Brick, Stone, Concrete Adiseal masonry adhesive provides a waterproof, flexible, durable & extreme high bond strength on brick, concrete, stone & other construction materials. This heavy-duty adhesive bonds in dry, damp or wet conditions and provides a durable water-resistant […]

Strongest Adhesive

Strongest Adhesive: Best in Test 2023 Adiseal has been shown to be the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test. To find out what the strongest adhesive is, Ultimate Handyman carried out adhesive strength tests. Adiseal was found to be the strongest adhesive by […]

Roofing Felt Adhesive

Roof Felt Adhesive: Adiseal Bond & Seal on Roof or Shed Adiseal roof felt adhesive provides a strong durable bond on roofing felt to various building materials including timber, concrete, metal, shed & brick. It is solvent-free and cold applied, making it safer to apply […]

Flexible Adhesive

Flexible Adhesive: Strong Durable Bond on Tile & Other Materials Adiseal flexible adhesive is a high-performance products than provides a strong and durable bond on tile and many other materials. As it is flexible, it provides a non-brittle bond which makes it more durable than […]

Skirting Board Adhesive

Skirting Board Adhesive: Adiseal Strong Flexible Bond What is the best skirting board adhesive? When it comes to sticking skirting boards to a wall, the Adiseal adhesive & sealant is considered the top choice. Renowned for its exceptional performance, this adhesive has broken records and […]

Instant Grab Adhesive

  Instant Grab Adhesive: Adiseal Fastest Power Grab & Bond Adiseal Hi-Grab instant grab adhesive is an extra heavy-duty adhesive that provides a strong bond and saves time with very quick grabbing. When bonding heavy items, it may be necessary to use temporary supports which […]

Gap Filling Adhesive

Adiseal Gap Filling Adhesive: Bond & Fill Gaps Adiseal gap filling adhesive is a solvent free product used to bond and fill gaps. It outperforms solvent based products like Gripfill which shrink as the solvents evaporate away. Adiseal’s solvent-free formula means it doesn’t shrink when […]

Marble Adhesive

Marble Adhesive: Strong Bond on Marble, Granite, Stone Adiseal marble adhesive is a high-performance product that can bond marble, granite and other stone to various materials. It provides a high-strength bond that remains waterproof and flexible. This ensures a strong and long-lasting bond on marble […]

PVC Adhesive

PVC Adhesive Glue: Adiseal Strong Bonding Adiseal PVC adhesive provides a high-strength flexible bond on many different PVC items. It will glue PVC to different materials and provide a strong, durable, waterproof and flexible bond. Whether sticking PVC wall panels, PVC cladding, PVC trim, PVC […]