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Free tube of Adiseal White 290ml adhesive & sealant to any tradesperson.


Term & Conditions:

  1. Limited to trades people only.
  2. Limited to 1 free tube of Adiseal White adhesive & sealant 290ml per company.
  3. Trade person has to 1st send an email to request free tube.
  4. In our 1st reply email we will show how Adiseal is better than competitor brands.
  5. Reply back to this email with your name, company name and post code.
  6. In the 2nd reply email, Adiseal Ltd will provide you with your unique collection code and details of your nearest Adiseal stockist from where to collect your free tube from.
  7. Free tube to be collected from an Adiseal stockist only & with the unique collection code provided by Adiseal Ltd.
  8. Offer limited to tradespeople in UK mainland only.
  9. Adiseal Ltd have the right to refuse a free tube request.
  10. Adiseal Ltd have the right to end offer without notice.