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Adiseal Ltd are suppliers of professional construction products. Through our extensive research and development we have introduced to the construction market in the UK, a range of high performance construction products that allow the end use to achieve professional results.

Our product range includes:
Adiseal - Professional adhesive & sealant. The new number 1 adhesive and sealant.
Hi-Grab - Extreme grab adhesive. The new number 1 adhesive.
Adisolve - Non aggressive solvent cleaner.
AllPlug - High performance universal wall plug.
AllClip - Universal clip for pipes, cables & conduit of different sizes.
Adiglue - Higher performance glue.
IPGel Duo - 2 component electrical insulation gel.
IPGel Mono - Ready to use electrical insulation gel.
CabLube Liquid - Cable pulling lubricant liquid.
CabLube Gel - Cable pulling lubricant gel.
CabLube Foam - Cable pulling lubricant foam.
Total Seal - Liquid leak sealer.

Adiseal products are sold through all good trade merchants throughout the UK. With Adiseal's high quality construction products outperforming competitor products in the market, Adiseal Ltd has managed to create a brand name in a short period of time. Tradesmen & tradeswomen trust Adiseal Ltd to provide quality products that are going to do the job and not let them down. Adiseal Ltd products are manufactured in the highest quality environment.

Our main product is the Adiseal professional adhesive & sealant. We have recently improved our formula meaning its now the number 1 adhesive and sealant. The Adiseal Ultra Clear is now even more clearer. Adiseal colours now have even stronger grab and also dry quicker. Adiseal Hi-Grab is now easier to apply. Adiseal the new No.1 adhesive and sealant is also ISEGA certified meaning the product is certified for use in food preparation areas like kitchens. We are also proud to announce Adiseal adhesives and sealants have acheived the top EC1 Plus certification related VOC emissions from construction products.

Adiseal adhesive & sealants are now both EC1 Plus & ISEGA certified.

EC1 Plus: Top certification related to emissions from construction products.

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ISEGA: Certified for use in food preparation areas.


Exclusive international distribution opportunites available

Adiseal Ltd products are sold successfully throughout the UK. We want to repeat this success in other countries and require distributors for the following countries: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Korea, Colombia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brazil, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Greece, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa, Belarus, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Rest of North & South America, Rest of Europe, Rest of Middle East, Rest of Asia and Rest of Africa.

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UltraLube bio-based lubricants

Adiseal Ltd are also the UK distributor of UltraLube bio-based lubricants from the USA. Further details on the UltraLube product range are available on: