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Strong Sealant

Strong Sealant Adhesive: Waterproof Adiseal Better Than Silicone

Adiseal extra strong sealant provides a high-performance seal instantly in dry, damp, wet and even underwater. It provides a strong watertight seal on many different waterproofing sealing applications. Adiseal has been shown to have the strongest mould resistance, strongest clarity retention in water and strongest adhesion in an independent adhesion strength test.

Adiseal’s instant sealing capability allows immediate testing with water, straight after application, allowing savings on labour costs. Being able to seal instantly also allows emergency repairs by promptly stopping leaks, even in wet conditions like rain. Its weatherproof resistance makes it suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Super strong sealant demonstration. Sealing a large leak underwater instantly.
Strong sealant demonstration, sealing a leak underwater instantly.

What is the best strong sealant?

In our experience, Adiseal stands out as an exceptional, instant-sealing, and durable sealant. It has strong resistance to mould, retains its colour well in water, UV resistant, delivers a high-quality, watertight and durable seal.

Instant sealing

Adiseal demonstrates its immediate sealing capabilities, efficiently stopping leaks even with a significant flow of water. In a demonstration, a 250mm x 10mm hole was made in a plastic tub and filled with water. Adiseal immediately sealed the leak. Check out the video for the full demonstration.

Waterproof strong sealant demonstration video.

Best mould resistant sealant test

To highlight Adiseal’s impressive resistance to mould, we conducted a test comparing it with other products. Each was applied inside clean plastic cups partially filled with water and covered to prevent external contaminants.

Mould resistant test result. Adiseal stayed mould free longest.
Strongest mould resistant sealant test results in water after 90 days.


Mould resistance test result

In the image, Adiseal remained free of mould for an impressive 90 days, surpassing all other products even after being submerged in water for an extended period.


Clear strong sealant

Adiseal comes in various colours and a clear option. While some clear sealants claim transparency but appear cloudy upon application, Adiseal’s clear variant proved to maintain exceptional clarity when submerged in water, demonstrating its strongest transparency in our test.

Clear strong sealant in water comparison. Adiseal stays clear in water.
Colour retention of sealant. Test in water.

Adiseal remained transparent after a continuous 16-day submersion in tap water, unlike the competitor’s clear product in the image that turned white. This demonstrates Adiseal’s superior underwater performance and clarity retention. The test involved sealants from different manufacturers placed in water-filled cups, and the image below showcases the results after 16 days.

clear strong sealant test in water
Clearest strong sealant test results in water.

Adiseal top in colour retention test

In the test results, Adiseal stood out as the sole product that preserved its transparency both above and below the water surface. Unlike its counterparts, Adiseal consistently maintained its clear appearance regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Benefits of Adiseal Strong Sealant & Adhesive

Materials Adiseal strong sealant works on

Adiseal will successfully seal the following items:


Adiseal adhesive and sealant is available in the following colours:

Adiseal can also be manufactured in any RAL colour.

How to use a strong sealant

How to use a strong sealant

  1. Surface Preparation

    Ensure the surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, or debris. Use a solvent or suitable cleaner to achieve this.

  2. Cut the Nozzle

    Cut the nozzle to the size of the bead required.

  3. Apply the Sealant

    Squeeze the trigger on the sealant gun to apply a continuous bead along the joint or area to be sealed.

  4. Smooth and Shape

    Use a caulking tool or your finger dipped in soapy water to smooth and shape the sealant bead.

  5. Allow Drying/Curing

    Let the sealant dry or cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid disturbing or exposing the sealed area to moisture until the sealant has fully set.

Tip: To store Adiseal once opened, leave about 1cm worth of product out of the nozzle and store the tube upright in a cool dry place. Adiseal requires moisture for it to cure. The exposed part out of the nozzle will cure creating a cap. To re-use Adiseal, pull the cured part out or cut the nozzle until the uncured part is reached.

Where to buy strong sealant?

In the UK, to buy strong sealant, please contact us for details of your local stockist. For other countries it can be bought from online sellers like www.guglue.com who can ship worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about strong sealant

What is the best durable sealant?

Adiseal has been shown to have the strongest mould resistance and strongest colour retention in water. It provides a strong watertight seal.

What is the best sealant against water?

Adiseal provides a strong waterproof seal to create a barrier to stop water. It can seal in dry or wet conditions instantly.

Is Adiseal strong sealant suitable for use in food preparation areas?

Adiseal is safe for use in food preparation areas. It is ISEGA certified.

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