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Water Leak Sealant

Water Leak Sealant: Instant Waterproof Sealer

To stop a water leak in an emergency situation requires a water leak sealant like Adiseal. It can seal leaks instantly even in wet conditions like rain. Adiseal leak sealer provides a strong and durable waterproof seal in dry or wet conditions. Whether you have a leak on a gutter, roof, down pipe or other building item, Adiseal can seal the leak in an instant.

gutter leak repair sealant

Instant leak sealer

Most sealants require a dry surface for application. This can be problematic when the surface is wet due to a water leak. Adiseal water leak sealant can be applied to dry or wet surfaces and can seal leak instantly making it ideal for emergency situations. As well as being great for emergencies, Adiseal can also provide a strong waterproof and durable seal for more permanent solutions.

Benefits of Adiseal

Other benefits of Adiseal include:

How to apply a water leak sealant

How to apply a water leak sealant

  1. Locate leak

    First find out where the water is making its water into the material that is causing it to leak.

  2. Clean surface

    To get a good quality seal, clean the area thoroughly before applying the sealant.

  3. Apply sealant

    Apply the sealant at the leak location. Filling in the gap or hole as much as possible will provide a better seal than just covering it over the top.

  4. Remove excess

    If there is any excess sealant, remove it before it cures.

Please note that Adiseal sealant is not suitable where the leak on pipe is pressurised, like in mains water pressure.

Where to buy

To buy water leak sealant in the UK, please contact us for details of your local stockist. For other countries that do not have a distributor, you can buy from www.guglue.com

Frequently asked questions about water leak sealant

What is the best sealant to stop water leaks?

Adiseal sealant can seal leaks instantly even in emergency wet conditions. It provide a strong, waterproof and durable seal and can be applied to wet surfaces and even underwater. It can seal leaking gutters, roofs, down pipes and many other building items.

How do you seal a running water leak?

The standard method to seal is to wait for the material to become dry then apply a silicone sealant type material. The problem with this is how can you seal if you can not get a dry surface due to the presence of water like a running water leak. Adiseal can be applied to dry or wet surfaces and can seal the running water leak instantly.

Does silicone stop water leaks?

Silicon sealant can not stop water leaks as it can not be applied to wet surfaces. Adiseal can be applied to dry, wet or even underwater and can seal water leaks instantly.

What type of materials can water leak sealant be used on?

Adiseal sealant can be applied to wood, metal, PVC plastic, felt, slate, ceramic, concrete and many other construction materials to seal a leak instantly.

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