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Granite Adhesive

Granite Adhesive: Strong Bond to Glue Granite, Marble & Stone

Adiseal extra strong granite adhesive, is a high-performance bonding adhesive for granite, marble, masonry, slate, limestone and stones. Adiseal adhesive for granite provides a strong, waterproof, durable and flexible bond. Its weatherproof nature makes it suitable for both interior and exterior granite bonding and sealing applications. Adiglue proves versatile as a glue for granite and marble, excelling in its bonding capabilities.

Adiseal adhesive will glue granite to wood, metal, plastic, concrete, stone, brick and many other construction materials. Adiseal has been shown to be the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test and outperforms other adhesives when it comes sticking granite or other materials.

Why Adiseal is a great adhesive for granite & marble

Adiseal stands out as the ideal adhesive for granite, marble, masonry, slate, limestone and stone, renowned for its exceptional strength, flexibility, waterproofing, and a host of other essential features.

Strong adhesive for granite, marble, masonry & stones.
  1. Adiseal’s strength has been validated through independent testing, confirming its status as the strongest adhesive and sealant on the market.
  2. Adiseal sustains its flexibility, enduring vibrations and movements without compromising its strength or becoming brittle.
  3. Adiseal’s complete waterproof properties render it ideal for various applications, indoors or outdoors, and even underwater.
  4. No need for priming: Adiseal skips the priming step, saving you both time and money, as long as the surface is clean.
  5. Adiseal’s non-staining formula won’t seep into porous materials like marble, granite, or stone, preserving their appearance without any risk of staining.
  6. Adiseal offers exceptional gap-filling properties, ensuring a strong bond even on uneven surfaces.
  7. Adiseal provides a strong initial grab, lessening the necessity for temporary supports while curing. For more demanding applications needing an even higher initial grab, Adiseal Hi-Grab is available.


Adiseal, the incredibly strong adhesive and sealant, can effectively bond and seal various materials.

Strong adhesive demonstration on concrete.
Demonstration of stone marble and other items adhered to a concrete block.

During a demonstration, we successfully bonded marble to a porous concrete block using Adiseal adhesive and sealant. This powerful bonding occurred without the necessity of sealing the surfaces, showcasing Adiseal’s remarkable ability to bond porous materials without any worries of bleeding or staining.

Strongest adhesive in independent test

In an independent adhesive strength test, Adiseal demonstrated over three times the strength of its closest competitor, achieving a remarkable 3123 psi. The test had to be halted as the screws anchoring the test rig began to fail. Adiseal could have attained even higher strength if not for the screws yielding under its power.

ProductMax pressure when adhesive bond broke (psi)
Adiseal3123 + psi
SupaBond1115 psi
Tec 71016 psi
HB42942 psi
Loctite PL Premium873 psi
Gorilla Grab Adhesive862 psi
Bond It PU18582 psi
Bond It Save Nails411 psi
Adhesive strength test results.

Strongest adhesive, shown in independent strength test; illustrated in chart.

Ultimate Handyman’s test video showcasing strongest adhesive strength

Adiseal Adhesive Sealant vs Adiseal Hi-Grab

For enhanced initial grip strength in an adhesive, opt for Adiseal Hi-Grab. It delivers a more robust initial hold compared to the standard Adiseal adhesive, ideal for heavy-duty applications or situations where temporary supports aren’t feasible during curing. Both Adiseal adhesive sealant and Adiseal Hi-Grab yield similar final bond strength.

Concrete instant grab demonstration with high-grab adhesive.
High initial grab adhesive for granite bonding

How to stick granite with adhesive

How to stick granite with adhesive

  1. Surface Preparation

    Ensure the surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, or debris. Wipe them down thoroughly and, if needed, use a fine brush or cloth to remove any particles.

  2. Application

    Apply the adhesive to 1 surface. Covering as much area as possible will provide a better bond. Don’t apply too much adhesive that it squeezes out of the sides when the 2 materials are pushed together.

  3. Pressing Surfaces Together

    Once the adhesive is applied, firmly press the granite onto the target surface. Apply even pressure across the bonded area to ensure a secure connection.

  4. Curing Time

    Allow the adhesive to cure for the recommended duration specified by the product instructions. Typically, it can take Adiseal 48 hours for a full cure.

  5. Avoid Disturbance

    Try to avoid disturbing the bonded surfaces during the curing process to ensure a strong and durable bond.

For secure bonding of heavy materials like granite, marble, stone, slate, limestone or masonry items, it’s advisable to employ a dual approach combining adhesive with mechanical fixings, especially for vertical or overhead applications. This ensures added stability and support, minimizing the risk of detachment or accidental falling of the bonded items.

Suggestion: When bonding items in damp conditions, consider applying the adhesive in narrow, vertical strips. This allows water to drain between the strips, preventing pooling. In colder temperatures, accumulated water might freeze, potentially impacting the adhesive’s effectiveness.

Glue for granite or marble

Adiglue serves as a glue for granite or marble, but it’s not as robust or flexible as Adiseal construction adhesive & sealant or Adiseal Hi-Grab adhesive.

In an instance, a metal handle was effectively adhered to a dense concrete slab using Adiglue. Before applying the adhesive, the concrete was treated with Adiglue Activator to prevent absorption. However, when using Adiseal adhesive & sealant or Adiseal Hi-Grab for attaching metal handles to concrete, marble, slate, limestone or granite, concrete sealing isn’t required.

Strongest glue for granite, marble and other materials.
Granite glue & marble glue strength demonstration


Adiseal adhesive and sealant is available in the following colours:

Adiseal can also be manufactured in any RAL colour.

Where to buy granite adhesive?

In the UK to buy granite adhesive or granite glue, please contact us for details of your local stockist. For other countries visit www.guglue.com

Frequently asked questions about marble adhesive or glue

What adhesive is best for granite?

To bond granite, Adiseal adhesive has been shown to provide a strong, flexible, waterproof and durable bond on granite. It can be applied to try or wet surfaces.

Can you use construction adhesive on granite?

Some products like Adiseal adhesive can provide a strong, flexible, durable and waterproof bond on granite. Unlike most adhesives, Adiseal does not require porous materials like granite to be sealed before application.

What is the best adhesive for granite to wood?

Adiseal has been shown to be the strongest adhesive in an independent adhesive strength test. It provides a strong, flexible, waterproof and durable bond between granite and wood. Adiseal will adhere granite to plywood, cabinets, countertops as well as many other kitchen and outdoor applications.

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