Record Breaking Strongest Adhesive & Sealant

Adiseal adhesive & sealant destroyed the competition in an independent test. It was over 3 times stronger than the nearest competitor. Even the SCREWS STARTED RIPPING OUT in the test.

Brown Sealant

Brown Sealant High performance brown sealant Adiseal is a high performance waterproof brown sealant and adhesive. It performs better than brown silicone sealant and other sealants on the market. Adiseal can be used as an interior as well as an exterior brown sealant. In this article, the advantages of Adiseal will be looked at compared […]

Grey Sealant

Grey Sealant Which grey sealant? Adiseal is a high performance grey sealant and adhesive. It outperforms grey silicone sealant and other sealants on the market. There are many advantages of Adiseal, which will be discussed below. Benefits of Adiseal grey sealant and adhesive Works in dry, wet, even underwater Good initial grab (for even more […]

Black Sealant

Black Sealant Which black sealant? Adiseal is a high performance black sealant and adhesive. It outperforms other black sealants on the market. We will look at what are the benefits of using Adiseal black sealant adhesive compared to other products. Benefits of Adiseal Black Sealant Adhesive Works in dry, wet, even underwater Good initial grab […]

Clear Sealant

Clear Sealant Which clear sealant? There are many different clear sealants available on the market. Most of these products that say clear on the packaging are not that clear when applied. Some clear silicone sealants are cloudy instead. Adiseal Ultra Clear is the best waterproof clear sealant for many different reasons. It is crystal clear […]

Waterproof Sealant

Waterproof Sealant Adiseal is a great waterproof sealant and adhesive. It works in the dry, damp, wet, even underwater, indoor and outdoor. Adiseal can seal leaks instantly even with water pouring out of the gap. It is available as a clear waterproof sealant as well as other colours. Adiseal can be used for internal applications […]

Glue Brick

Glue for Brick To be able glue to brick different materials requires a brick adhesive. There are lots of different adhesives available, so what is the best brick adhesive? We’ll explain why Adiseal adhesive & sealant is the best brick adhesive for sticking different items to brick including wood to brick, metal to brick, stone […]

Construction Adhesive

Best construction adhesive Many different manufacturers claim to have the best construction adhesive. In reality only one product can be the actual best. The only way to find out which really is the best product is from independent construction adhesive strength tests. Adiseal is a waterproof heavy duty construction adhesive for concrete, wood, metal, plastic, […]

Underwater Sealant

Underwater Sealant Adiseal is such a great product that it can be used as a dry or wet sealant, underwater sealant & even underwater glue. Most sealants require the surface to be dry for it to stick to the surface. With Adiseal, it can be applied to dry, damp, wet surfaces and even underwater. This […]

Adhesive – A Detailed Guide

Adhesive Adhesive products are used in lots of different applications today to stick things together. This article is a detailed guide on adhesives. It will look at the history, science, adhesion, applications, different types, advantages & disadvantages of using an adhesive. Some of the questions answered in this article include: What is an adhesive? What […]

Electrical Waterproof Gel

Electrical Waterproof Gel Electrical waterproof gel is designed to provide insulation & sealing inside electrical junction boxes. This is to protect from the ingress of liquids & solids. IPGel Duo provides IP68 gel protection whereas IPGel Mono provides IP67 gel protection. IP means ingress protection. Electrical waterproof gels are also known as junction box gel […]