UltraLube Bio-based Lubricants




Adiseal Ltd are the UK distributor of UltraLube bio-based lubricants from the USA. These lubricants have a number of advantages over traditional petroleum based products.


Key benefits of UltraLube:

* 4 times more lubrication than traditional petroleum-based products.

* Safer for users and people around compared to traditional petroleum-based products.

* Safer for the environment and wildlife than traditional petroleum-based products.

* Readily biodegradable & made from a renewable resource.

* Excellent rust & corrosion preventative.

* General purpose drilling & tapping fluid.

* Works well on plastics & other non-metallic surfaces that petroleum-based products can damage.

* Lasts longer & less likely to "thin down" at higher temperatures.

* No harsh chemical smell that traditional lubricants have.

* High flash point

* Numerous other benefits over traditional lubricant. Full details can be found on: http://ultralube.com/